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New Old Projects

Things never happen quickly in Ibiza

Things never happen quickly in Ibiza. Take the new bus station for example, it's been on the cards for years and nothing's actually happened about it - until now that is. The council have announced that the first stone of the building will be laid with great ceremony on April 11th and the works will be completed in October 2006.

Costing €24 million the new station will house 20 buses at any one time and will also be home to the new Local Police Headquarters. It will be situated just a bit further out of town than the current bus stops but will be a major improvement for passengers.

In the centre of town work has finally recommenced on the Puig des Molins museum on the Via Romana which houses artefacts and skeletons from the Carthaginian burial ground on the site and has been closed for years. This remodelation project will be completed by the end of 2006 and will cost some €2.2 million.

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