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Temporary Taxis

Logistics have always been a problem on an island

Logistics have always been a problem on an island where 6 months per year is spent in virtual isolation and the other 6 months are chock-a-block with tourists of all nationalities. Taxis are a prime example, in summer they're running 24 hours a day and there are never enough to go round, and in winter some only make two journeys per week!

The good news for passengers is that this week the council has been given permission to introduce 25 special temporary taxis for the busy summer months to alleviate the long queues often seen at peak times at the taxi ranks.

Not everybody is pleased though, as the regular taxi drivers see the probable erosion of their earnings in summer which would normally compensate for the lean times in winter. On the other hand, many hotel directors are ecstatic because this year they have been reduced to ferrying clients to the airport in their own cars as taxis have been difficult to come by.

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