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Record Numbers

This year Spain will receive a record 53 million tourists

This year Spain will receive a record 53 million tourists, according to the figures of Exeltur, the Alliance for Excellency in Tourism.

This number is a small increase on last year but comes in the wake of the terrorist bombings in Madrid on 11th March and the news that some British tour operators are pulling our of Spain in favour of other 'cheaper' destinations.

The figures demonstrate the changing nature of tourism in the country, now the number one foreign destination for the British, as visitors are now more discerning and demanding more value for their money.

Spain is a country rich in heritage, culture, history, good food, beautiful scenery, wonderful beaches, top class entertainment, and whose inhabitants are happy to speak your language and make your stay as pleasing as possible.

Is it any wonder we're flocking here courtesy of the budget airlines?

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