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Ecotax and olives

Sources in the Guardia Civil claim that the quality of the tarmac on Ibiza's roads is so poor in comparison to roads on the mainland that more accidents are caused here than elsewhere.

Ecotax funds are helping to oil the wheels of progress in the olive industry.

A subsidy of €18 per new olive tree planted has helped to increase the number of olive trees on the island by over 5000. Experts have calculated that in 5 years time when the trees are mature they will produce over 700 tonnes of good quality olive oil worth up to €750,000.

As wine has different varieties of grape, the flavour of olive oil depends on the type of olive and the soil in which it is grown. Here in Ibiza the main varieties being cultivated are the Arbequina and the Picual, which produce fruity flavoured oil and are extremely well thought of in Andalucia, Spain's olive oil capital.