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Let's go fly a kite

The tourist information officers of Ibiza must split their sides every day laughing at some of the strange questions they are asked in the course of their duties...

Sunday saw the tenth annual edition of San Antonio's kite flying day. Organised to raise funds for school trips for the pupils of the Guillerm de Montgri School and sponsored by the Sa Nostra Bank and the San Antonio Council, the day was a big success. Taking place in the Ses Variades (between the two sunset strips) area of town, hundreds of people turned up to fly kites for hours on end.

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, even the odd dog, but most of all kids, were all there to test the power of the wind right by the seashore.

There were kites of all shapes, sizes, colours, and designs, some obviously home made and some really professional ones. My favourites were the great white shark kite which terrorised the skies and the SYP supermarket bag which flapped about uncontrollably, but is so handy for taking the shopping home afterwards!

I am also happy to report that there were very few entanglement disputes or injuries, but there must be scores of people with cricked necks after gazing skywards for so long. In addition to kites, just offshore a gaggle of yachts with beautifully hued sails were taking part in the 'Week of the Sea' regatta, and an enormous hot air balloon flew over to land on nearby Arenal beach. A great day in San Antonio for all types of wind powered objects.