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International Body Music Festival

Explore your inner musicality through your body.


Thu 6 Apr, 2023, Fri 7 Apr, 2023, Sat 8 Apr, 2023, Sun 9 Apr, 2023
Where: San Juan, Ibiza

Ibiza's first body music festival is here. For those unaware, body music is a technique that connects people with their inner self, exploring one's own musicality through one's body, without instruments, but using mainly body percussion and vocals.

From 6 to 9 April, you can enjoy four days filled with rhythm, movement and voice at O Inni Garden, a spectacular space in the heart of nature designed to inspire, promote creativity and well-being and foster human connections. 

The International Body Music Festival (mini fest edition) will feature pioneering international body percussion artists, members of Cirque du Soleil and Mayumana and professionals in combining performing arts through movement, rhythm and song, guiding you in this wonderful experience through workshops, sound journeys and concerts

If you are interested in participating, don't hesitate and contact O Inni Garden, as the places are limited. Let your inner rhythm come out!

San Juan, Ibiza