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6 Ibiza winter activities for kids

Fun and games

If you're here for a relaxing winter break, you might want to know about stuff you can do with your kids, maybe whilst you get in on the fun. We've chosen a range of things to suit a big age range, so whether you've got a small baby or a 14-year-old tearaway, we've got just the thing for you.

Kids on Decks

Based near to Santa Eulalia, Kids on Decks provides lessons on how to be a DJ. How very Ibiza! If you are around in the winter, it's a great time for your kid to get ready for summer. Leeward and Honey provide more than just lessons: they give advice and support throughout the training and they'll also advise on what equipment to buy and how to use it. They also organise kids parties and hold events to showcase their work at different places across the island. Check out their Facebook page for a free Christmas voucher offering five free lessons and one kids party.

Kids Corner, Cotton Beach Club

Who says a beach club isn't for all year round. Kids get to get involved in all kinds of activities from 1pm-5pm every Friday to Sunday until 30 April next year. Whilst kids play games, do activities, do some handwork or just have their faces painted, parents can relax in the winter sun, lounging on a sunbed or sitting on the beach. You can book a table and have a lazy lunch and a couple of glasses as your kids play with other kids and have bags of fun. It's a win-win!

Mama Mia Fitness

Designed by local residents on the island and open to tourists too, this is great get fit and socialise for mums with babies. The four founders Alanna, Lindsay, Mirella and Katie are all fitness nuts and they wanted to organise a way for new mums to keep in trim and share. There are walks all over the island in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza Town, San Antonio and more. All the four women have fitness and coaching backgrounds, so you know you're getting a good standard of fitness and a wise ear.

Can Marça caves

These 1000 year-old caves are a joy to discover for adults and children alike and the caves are open all year round. Seeing the formations of the stalagmites and stalactites seems to be an endless curiosity for kids. That, and the phosphorescent water pools and the amazing light show set to music for a recreation of the old internal waterfall. Tours are multi-lingual and the caves have an interesting history having been an old smugglers den. The views outside of the Port of San Miguel are stunning too. Take a camera and don't be surprised if your kids want to do the light show at home.

Café Bondi Kids Craft Club

Small kids might like this little craft club in this newly opened brightly coloured San Antonio restaurant. Every Tuesday at 3.30pm is a one-hour club for kids, where they make all kinds of things with their hands. Most recently it's been paper lanterns, wrapping paper and decorations for Christmas; they also made some cool pine cone men too. It's supervised, and every week there's something different, so it makes a great drop in place for tourists. Café Bondi is a cool spot to have a bit of afternoon tea and home made carrot cake as the kids turn out their new creations. See their Facebook page for the latest details on the club.

Casita Verde Open Sunday with kids playground

Chris has created an eco-paradise at Casita Verde in a beautiful valley near San José. Every Sunday there's a nicely priced veggie lunch at 2pm made mostly from produce of the island. Later, there's a two-hour tour of the grounds taking in the bottle houses, the eco-dwellings, the tree house and you can also see how they make renewable energy. It's great for kids to explore and learn, plus there's a great children's playground for afterwards. There's acoustic and chilled music in the background and you can take part in activities like massage therapies or go on an eco-tour. It's fun, educational and a great diversion for the whole family.

WORDS: Julian Heathcote

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