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New Lune Rouge exhibition in Ibiza

Stories via art

A collection of works by a number of contemporary artists is now on display at the Lune Rouge gallery in Ibiza Town. Inspired by and named after philosopher Walter Benjamin's 1936 essay, The Storyteller exhibition combines several approaches to relating stories to audiences to derive their own conclusions.

The different artworks examine how storytelling itself can have complex multiple layers. The art works use a range of different materials to convey both social and autobiographical stories. Featured artists include Louise Bourgeois, Jimmie Durham, Gabriel Orozco, Wolfgang Tillmans, Cindy Sherman, and Lawrence Weiner.

Lune Rouge was launched by Cirque du Soleil founder and Ibiza resident Guy Laliberte, who has a long history of collecting works from some of the world's leading contemporary artists. The gallery's mission is to provide a cultural contribution to the island through the display of works by both established and emerging artists.

Benjamin, who spent time in Ibiza in the 1930's believed storytelling to be a craft that starts with a deep association with people. One of the ideas of the exhibition is to mirror the diverse range of people in Ibiza, where many residents from all over the world create a strong personal history with the island. The gallery hopes to make some memorable impressions with this exhibition and also create a way of connecting to the many early 20th Century artists, poets and writers who lived here and loved the White Isle.

The Storyteller runs until 9 April 2016 and invites everyone from the culture vulture to the novice to go and be inspired.

WORDS | Julian Heathcote PHOTOGRAPHY | Art Projects Ibiza + Lune Rouge

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