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Spring Gastro Fest

3 course menus in top restaurants for only €25

Great news for foodies as Ibiza puts on a sublime display of culinary skills and expertise this spring with its regular pre-summer gastro fest 'Flavours of Ibiza,' where 50 restaurants have special menus for only €25 per person. There's a dual theme running through the menus, which suits the cuisine of Ibiza to a T – land and sea, and tradition and vanguardist.

Surrounded by sea, island Ibiza has a rich heritage of fish and seafood dishes and its fields produce some of the best lamb you'll ever taste. Hundreds of years of hearty traditional recipes have now been updated by innovative young chefs from Ibiza or further afield.

Reflecting these themes, you'll find the participating restaurants by the sea, in the country, on hillsides, in villages and in the towns. Some have been established for years, others quite new to the island; some the darlings of the press, others with tremendous cachet amongst the locals.

What is sure is that it's damn fine food on offer and at a price that won't hurt your wallet - €25 for three courses and with some great wine recommendations as an extra. Even better, if you're in grazing mode, there are gourmet tapas available for €5 which includes a glass of wine or beer!

Tempted? Me too. Here are few of the fantastic eateries involved, starting with my personal favourites Sa Brisa, Can Berri Vell, Es Ventall and followed by the likes of El Cigarral, Can Caus, Es Caliu and Es Cubells.

It's a perfect opportunity to try out a restaurant you may never have been to and may just fall in love with, without spending loads of cash. The dates for your diary are 20th April until 3rd May and you can see all the menus, dates, times and locations on the online booklet to accompany the festy.

Bon profit.

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