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Café Mambo opening + 20th anniversary

20 years on the island, a world tour, the 2014 season opening party and an album release. Busy year then.

Twenty years. That is how long Ibiza has been associated with Café Mambo. It is one of the original spots on the island that are most often mentioned when island visitors talk about Ibiza... the majority of whom saw the sun set off the coast of Cafe Mambo, gave it a round of applause and set back to enjoy the selected sunset track by the Mambo resident on duty that evening. It really is one of the defining moments of any trip... an 'Ibiza Moment' we call it. For those who have been on the island for as long as they can remember, this venue and that moment still remain special to this day.

To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Café Mambo will host a flagship global tour, several special events and even release a special album. The world tour will take in cities such as Dubai, London, Moscow, Liverpool, Newcastle, Bali, Bahrain, Chamonix, Lugano, Copenhagen, Dublin, Glasgow, and Miami.

For now, the venue will open on Friday 16th May with what they call 'the first of many Birthday celebrations over the season'. Entry to the party is of course free, as are all the pre-parties and events at Café Mambo. The party typically starts early afternoon and continues late into the night, taking in the famous sunset, of course. DJ's on the day are expected to be residents and friends.

"We can hardly believe it was twenty years ago when we first opened our doors. Sunset after sunset, year after year, we have shared great moments, have made great memories and have built friendships to last. What once started as a small sunset bar has grown to be a staple in the electronic music world. We are so proud to see our friends evolving in what is today one of the most exciting movements in the world! We wish to deeply thank everyone who has been part of our journey at Cafe Mambo. Never stop dreaming!" - Javier Anadon, Café Mambo Owner

PHOTO | The world tour even took in Afganistan with troops stationed over there, unofficially of course.

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