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Sven Väth World Tour 2014

Pappa Sven is on the move pre-Ibiza season again.

Remember around Christmas there is that cool little 'Santa Tracker' that Google puts on the WWW to help everyone keep an eye on when the cheeky bearded little fella is going to drop round that pair of new socks? Well, I am suggesting we need one for Sven Väth. Frankly, he gives more to the world, he travels just as much and, well, he's real. Sort it out Google.

Sven typically takes some time off over Christmas and January (hang on! Santa suddenly appears then... coincidence?) to recover after the hectic Ibiza season and his other international duties, coming back around February time refreshed and reenergised. It is at this point he embarks upon his mammoth world tour taking in many countires and parties before making his move over to Ibiza where his weekly residency takes place. Let's take a look at his schedule.


14.02.14 Vanguard Club, Seoul, South Korea (Facebook/
21.02.14 M2, Shanghai, China (Facebook/
22.02.14 Yugong Yishan, Beijing, China (Facebook/


01.03.14 Cocoon at FMF, Brisbane, Australia
02.03.14 Cocoon at FMF, Perth, Australia
07.03.14 Cocoon Sydney, Australia
08.03.14 Cocoon at FMF, Sydney, Australia
09.03.14 Cocoon at FMF, Melbourne, Australia
09.03.14 Cocoon Melbourne, Australia
10.03.14 FMF, Adelaide, Australia
21.03.14 Teatre Principal, Barcelona, Spain
22.03.14 Cocoon London, Building Six, UK
28.03.14 State, Buenos Aires, Argentina
29.03.14 Clash Club, Sao Paulo, Brazil


04.04.14 Cocoon Madrid, Spain
05.04.14 Time Warp Germany 2014, Mannheim, Germany
11.04.14 Lux Frágil, Lissabon, Portugal
12.04.14 Cocoon Milano, Italy
13.04.14 Caprices Festival 2014, Switzerland
18.04.14 Technoflash Festival 2014, Spain
19.04.14 Fuse Club, Brüssels, Belgium
20.04.14 Tenax, Florence, Italy
21.04.14 Old River Park, Naples, Italy
25.04.14 Zig Zag Club, Paris, France
26.04.14 Loveland Queensday, Netherlands
26.04.14 Watergate, Berlin, Germany
30.04.14 Mayday 2014, Dortmund, Germany
30.04.14 Robert Johnson, Offenbach, Germany


10.05.14 Inox Festival 2014, Toulouse, France
11.05.14 Blaue Lagune Open Air 2014, Germany
16.05.14 Cocoon New York, Sankeys, USA
23.05.14 Territorios Festival 2014, Sevilla, Spain
24.05.14 Komplex 457, Zürich, Switzerland
25.05.14 Cocoon at We Are FSTVL 2014, Essex, UK
31.05.14 Il Muretto, Jesolo, Italy

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