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Mixcloud X Launches: Spotlight Podcasts Looking Fresh

Have a look at the new home to our podcasts and mix series.

Throw an 'X' into the name of anything and it instantly sounds cool, doesn't it? X-Men, ummm... sex, Xzibit, The XX, various Apple programmes, the X Prize... and so on. The same can be said with Mixcloud's new and improved platform, initially labelled as 'Mixcloud X.'

We chose to use this platform to stream our podcast last year as a means to expand our reach to those who perhaps aren't signed up to the podcasts through iTunes, or - God forbid - don't own an Apple product.

Various improvements have been introduced in this latest version of Mixcloud. We now have a sharp looking profile page that reflects our style, and the new podcast pages look great!

We upload a new and exclusive SPTL Podcast each week, while we also have our SPTLMIX series. The SPTLMIX series focuses more on the alternative sounds you might hear across the island. Less focused on the main room dancefloor, more on the small beaches and bars scene with their long-serving DJs and unique atmosphere's. With this series you're more likely to to enjoy some old-school raggae than a steady house beat.

Our latest podcast is from Maher Daniel, as he takes time away from his USA tour with Eric Volta and running the many labels he is charged with building to put together an exclusive mix for Spotlight.

Our latest SPTLMIX is from Paul Reynolds, resident at two of the world's biggest clubs - Space and Ushuaïa - as he delivers just over an hour of disco flavoured musical gorgeousness.

Head over to our page and check it out, follow us, and share's us with your friends.

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