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Ibiza Rocks Announce 2014 Opening Acts

Two weeks, two debut Balearic shows from two No.1 international artists. Ibiza Rocks kicks off their 2014 seasons plans.

It feels like the 2013 season only just finished - probably because it did - and with only a few weeks before Christmas it seems crazy to already be talking about the first lineups of next years Ibiza clubbing season. Ibiza Rocks are typically one of the first to reveal their lineups as they are so hugely artist focused with a new set of bands gracing their newly positioned stage each week at the Ibiza Rocks Hotel.

Two of the biggest breakthrough acts of this year - HAIM and The 1975 (who rolled over the radio airwaves of BBC Radio 1 as I wrote this) - will have the distinct pleasure of holding the much coveted opening party slots on Wednesday 4th and Wednesday 11th June respectively.

Winners of the BBC's 'Sound of 2013', HAIM bring a serious amount of family love to the stage as the three girls are all sisters whilst the drummer is a dude and of no direct relation to the rest, but no doubt feels the love anyway. Calling the San Fernando Valley of California home, they have been supporting the likes of Mumford and Sons of late with their American Indie Pop sound, whilst also adding a UK Number 1 title to their boasts. Their debut album, titled 'Days Are Gone', was released towards the back end of September 2013 to critical acclaim, with tracks like The Wire set to be released soon. They headline the opening party on Wednesday 4th June 2014.

“Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks are going to be insane. We literally cannot wait to get there. Book your flights NOW.” - HAIM

The 1975's self titled debut album will have tracks you'll have heard several times a day if you're a radio listener, with the deluxe version of the album offering up all the favourites such as Chocolate and Girls with a smattering of remixes to go with it - a really great album. The band headline the rocks stage on Wednesday 11th June 2014, swapping the grey skies of their hometown - Manchester - for the sun bleached floors of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel for what is guaranteed to be an upbeat bouncer of a gig. Get involved.

“Looking forward to Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks...we're going to go f*cking bananas!” - Matt Healy, The 1975

“What a way to kick off next summer poolside at Ibiza and Mallorca Rocks. It's a real coup to confirm Haim and The 1975 so early. They are two of the biggest breakthrough acts of the year and se the bar pretty high for the rest of the 16-week season. On top of this we're about to launch Ibiza Rocks the Snow in Meribel next week so all in all it's a really exciting time for the brand.” - Shane Murray, Ibiza Rocks Promoter

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