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Review: Chopstiqs Asian Fast Food Restaurant, Ibiza

Clued up Ibiza workers are blazing a trail to .. Chopstiqs! Fresh, healthy, affordable meal Asian Fast Food, 21st century style!

Chopstiqs is an Asian fast food restaurant located in Playa den Bossa. It's brand new this year and we heard it was becoming very, very popular with the famously discerning Ibiza workers. If there is good quality food available at fantastic prices, you can bet that the savvy Ibiza workers are the first to find it. Ibiza Spotlight went to investigate!

It's slightly tucked away behind the KFC, opposite the Hotel Algarb. Once you know it's there, you'll be back. In fact, Ibiza Spotlight predicts that soon there will be a well worn path leading straight there, worn into the pavement by the crowds!

Arriving at their clean and bright premises one balmy Ibiza evening at 7pm, I easily found parking in the surrounding streets. I received a warm and friendly welcome by owner, Gilbert. “Hi!” he grinned. “Are you hungry?” A young man in his 20's, with a young and growing family and a confidence belying his age, he clearly enjoys feeding people! He explained the Chopstiqs ethos.

“The menu is a fusion of south-east Asian street food, from Japan, Indonesia and Singapore to the Philippines and Thailand. I wanted to offer a healthy, good quality and affordable alternative to the usual fast food array of burgers and pizzas. We also know that appetites vary, so I wanted to offer small or large options too.”

It sounded ideal! The menu features 19 gorgeous, exotic sounding options, including soups and starters. Firstly, you decide whether you prefer rice or noodles. That narrows it down. Then, decide which dish you fancy. Finally, choose either a small portion (not so small either!) or a large one (huge).

I plumped for a small portion of the special Chopstiqs stir-fry with rice, designed by Gilbert himself and their restaurant's most popular dish. I was very impressed that it could be made either with meat, seafood or tofu. Being a vegetarian in Ibiza can sometimes be very limiting, so this consideration to vegetarians was very much appreciated. I gratefully went with the tofu!

The kitchen is completely open, impeccably clean and the chefs prepared the food in front of my eyes. Whilst I waited (3 minutes, more or less) I tried the house speciality starter, ‘Okoy.' It's a bit like an onion Bhaji dear readers, but made from shrimp and pumpkin rather than onions. Deliciously fried and crunchy on the outside, soft and mildly spiced inside and served with both hot and sweet chili dipping sauce, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

My Chopstiqs stir-fry arrived swiftly and piping hot. Supplied with a set of chopsticks I tucked in hungrily. It was gorgeous! Expertly fried rice, a generous helping of tofu and just the right amount of mild spiciness and fresh veggies. The portion size was perfect too. I just about managed to finish and was happily full up.

Quenching my thirst with a chilled ice-tea, I happily went to pay the bill. It came to... €5.90?! “Surely there must be some mistake,” I queried, puzzled. “No mistake!” Grinned Gilbert. It turns out that with their meal-deal, available only during the day, you get a starter and a drink with your meal for only €1.90 extra. My small portion of Chopstiqs stir-fry was just €3.99.

So, let me make this clear, Ibiza lovers. I cannot think of any other Ibiza restaurant where you can pick up a full, healthy, freshly cooked meal, including a starter and a drink for that kind of price. It's almost insane. Not only that, but the bathroom facilities are pristine and they have free wi-fi for clients. Goodness me. This is fast food, 21st century style, dear readers.

Ibiza Spotlight predicts great things for Chopstiqs. A quality product at a fantastic price. Perhaps soon we will see a Chopstiqs in every major town. We certainly hope so! Heads up Ibiza lovers! Get there soon before the queues become too long!

Quick Facts

What? Chopstiqs Asian Fast Food Restaurant

Where? Playa den Bossa, Ibiza

When? From 1pm-1am daily

Why? Great food, amazing value. What more could you want?!

Average spend per head? An incredible €9, with starter and drink.

Veggie Options? Yes, more than anywhere else I can think of.

Disabled Facilites? Yes. Its all on one level with a spacious terrace.

Top tips? Check out their Facebook page for great daily offers. Please note that small portions and meal deals are available only before midnight.

Room for Improvement? It would be great if they stayed open later - its great post-clubbing food!

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