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Review: Ibiza Rocks 7th Birthday ft. Kasabian

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...

By Spotlight

As the number one venue in Ibiza for live gigs, Ibiza Rocks is determined to wow crowds each and every week with anything from Grime to solid Rock. Yesterday the old gem celebrated its 7th Birthday and boy did she do so in style; with a fiery beat infested set from Zane Lowe followed by a passionately immense and hair raising, voice breaking, foot stomping, beer throwing, sweat dripping performance from the legendary Kasabian

As Zane Lowe began the evenings entertainment the crowd was definitely the biggest I have ever seen at Ibiza Rocks; there was such a buzz surrounding the gig stretching from the street to the poolside you could almost touch the excitement in the air. Dubstep remixes and big bass tracks riddled through the crowd such as Rita Ora's hit R.I.P and Jay Z ft. Kanye West - That shit crazy, making everybody launch into some kind of body bouncing frenzy. With half the people attempting to crowd surf - including those who perhaps shouldn't have, the party was in full swing from early doors and the highly anticipated arrival of Kasabian was only adding to the pretty mental crowd shenanigans.

Before Kasabian invaded the stage Ibiza Rocks resident Nicola Bear did her thing and dropped one of my all time favourite tracks - Town Called Malice (The Jam/Paul Weller) which succeeded in making me do my Billy Elliot inspired dance routine at the side of the stage - yes the cheers were for me. Half ten hit and after noticing at least triple the usual amount of blown up contraceptives floating about in the air a pretty psyched up Kasabian bombarded the stage. Kited out in a head to toe Levi's outfit Tom Meighan fully embraced double denim and oozed old school chic; also wearing some rather odd red sunglasses he proceeded to open the show with the first single from their 4th album, Days Are Forgotten. The band throughout were pumped up with a raw energy which streamed from the stage to the dance floor engulfing the crowd in a Kasabian cloud of madness. 

The band went onto perform tracks Man of simple pleasures, Fire, SwitchBlade smiles and even ended on The Beatles classic She Loves You. With unreal backing vocals and angelic cries from lead guitarist Sergio Pizzorno paired with the powerful and unmistakable voice of main man Tom the bands performance was so tight and so warped with a unique energy throughout. I for one am not sure how Ibiza Rocks will top this years birthday party - not only in talent but also in numbers, atmosphere and sweat... Hip hip hooray!

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