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Mulletover: The return to Ibiza

We welcome the return with a look towards everything thats been achieved so far.

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Rob Star of Mulletover thought back about the history of Mulletover in Ibiza and looking through it there's some memorable and amazing parties... and it shows a real progression and diversity in locations over that time which is cool. From the Discoteca of Space to Villa parties and THAT party by the lighthouse those lucky enough to have been involved will have nothing but positive things to say about the London underground party that has done so well over the years in Ibiza. The 2012 events begin tonight at Sankeys in Playa d'en Bossa with this weeks podcaster 'Geddes' heading things up. I'm sure they have every intention of writing a little bit more history this summer after a very unwelcomed absence from the island over the last couple of years. Here's to tonights party!

2005 - "We did an amazing villa party, where we were all staying. Everyone came after Secretsundaze, Jamie Jones played - but the police came at about 11am and turned the music off. This first party was a highlight for me, as it was just like the party's we were doing in London, and was the inspiration for the series we did in 2007."

2006 - "We did every Sunday morning in the Discoteca as part of We Love..."

"We also did the first party in the hills, as Geddes says, this was probably the best party we've ever done... Tiefschwarz and loads of others played. It went on for ages!"

2007 - "We did a series of 4 parties with Sid Shanti (Geddes doesn't remember these, cause he kept missing his flights!)"

1 - "Party in the hills part 2 - it went on for about 22 hours before the police finally closed it down..."

2 - "Sol Den Serra - all day on the beach, then 'til 4am inside the restaurant - this was at least as good as the first hill party, police also closed this one down!"

3 - "Party at The Blue Rose, the old strip club in Figuerettas - it was a roadblocked party with loads of people queuing to get in."

4 - "Portinatx under the lighthouse - ah, this was the one where I got arrested..."

2008 - "I can't remember!"

2009 - "We did a party in the zoo with Discobloodbath."

2012 - "Sankeys at ibiza."

First off, give us a quick insight into your experiences with Ibiza, both as a partygoer and promoter…

I first came to Ibiza in 1995 as a partygoer - I remember going to some amazing parties at Privilege that summer. Manumission were hosting different club nights from the UK every week - I remember Colours from Glasgow hosted one and Renaissance did another. I also saw Kylie do a live PA for Cream the same year - I loved that place. At the time you could dive in the pool and I remember everyone jumping off the stage when the sun came up in the morning, they were just great fun parties full of the most amazing people. I came back again two years later and we hung out at Pacha and Space, then in 1999 I came out for the season working for Darren Hughes new venture Home at space. That was the point when I knew I wanted to put parties on and I have been back every year ever since. I first went to DC10 the year after (2000) which was a big influence on me, it felt really special going to something that was just evolving, I remember a group of us dragging Danny Tenaglia down there one Monday and getting him to play, and a couple of times we walked up there after Space had closed and waited till the doors opened (it opened in the morning then though!). The first Mulletover party we did was in 2005, when we rented a villa and threw a party for about 250 people which was great, Jamie Jones, James Priestley, Bones and a few of our other London crew played. Then the following year Darren Hughes offered us a residency at We Love every Sunday morning, that was epic, running a party at a club I'd been coming to for the past 10 years was like a dream come true. Then we did all the cheeky little parties that year and the following one, which although a little stressful at time were great fun. Oh, the memories!

So, how did the whole Sankeys and Mulletover relationship start?

I first knew of David Vincent when he did his Tribal Gathering warehouse party up in Manchester. I went to the Sankeys club a few times as a clubber and also to a weekender that he did in Southport, so he was always someone who I had a lot of respect for. As soon as I heard he was opening a club on the island, I knew it would be special. I went the first few weeks the club was open last year and I could see that it had great potential and could really work as a home for Mulletover. We have a few mutual friends, so during the winter I tracked down his number and gave him a call and that was the start of a beautiful relationship!

Talk us through your lineups – is there anyone or anything you’re excited about in particular?

Joy Orbison and Julio Bashmore at the opening will be pretty special, those boys are on fire at the moment! Thugfucker in June will also be one to watch and we're joining forces with two of our favourite crews in Bristol in September (Futureboogie and Just Jack), which is always great fun!

Your parties around the island, particularly those off the beaten track, are infamous. Are there any plans for this sort of thing in the future?

Well, we're on the island again this year, so anything could happen... We don't like to commit to these things, there usually a bit more spontaneous than that, so just watch this space!

What can you say to convince people to come down and checkout the Mulletover parties at Sankeys this season?

We think Sankeys is the best club on the island for the type of events that we put on, Mulletover just wouldn't work in a lot of the other clubs. Sankeys has got a great sound system and a really intimate vibe, it's the closest we can get to what we do In London. So, if you love underground music and don't want to break the bank on a night out, then Mulletover is the obvious choice - plus, you never know where the party might end up!


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