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Review: Ben Howard at Ibiza Rocks

UK's 'biggest rising star' Ben Howard wows fans at Ibiza Rocks.

By Spotlight

When I said I was going to go chill out at Ibiza Rocks and enjoy Ben Howard I got a real mix of "Who?!" to "Man, he rocks / I love him! / I'm so jealous". It seemed a completely appropriate reaction for a young man who has slipped under the radar for longer than he should (although thankfully not any longer)

Ben Howard at Ibiza Rocks

Both a musician, singer and song writer, Ben combines dark lyrics with a modern folksy sound and Ibiza Rocks was the perfect venue to show off his talents.

Long before he hit the stage the crowds had gathered and I was impressed to see a good showing from the islanders, mixing it up with the tourists. Ben seems to attract all ages too - hard core, quarter century 'we taught you guys how to party before you were even born' stood shoulders to shoulder with excitable teeny-boppers with eyes like saucers as every change of beat had them glancing at the stage to see if the man had arrived.

Finally he appeared and the crowd, young and old, went mad. His Mum and Dad were in the audience somewhere and I hope their hearts swelled with pride. As one long time Ibiza "seen it all" punter quipped, this was the best of Ibiza - great venue, rising star and genuine fans, rather than a mob just out for some beats.

Ben Howard Ibiza Rocks

Signed just last year and with a sell-out tour already under his belt in Europe, Ben's making waves internationally, capturing both America and Australia's attention in the process. Whilst he's yet to have a number one, his Uk Top 10 album "Every Kingdom" has caught the ears of enough to earn him "UKs fastest rising star" accolade.

True enough, it seemed everyone knew the songs, cheers of recognition filling the air with the opening chords of each track. He took time out to have a chat too, endearing himself to those tired of superstars who think they're above it all. In fairness Ben seemed pretty stoked to be there, Ibiza having a place in his childhood memories and a grandfather who lived on the island for eons, although Ben himself is Devonshire raised.

Quite often gigs come & go but the next day my Facebook was full of chatter and praise for the event and I have to admit, as my first gig at Ibiza Rocks this year, I'm feeling pretty smug that I didn't miss it. It was a perfect match.

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