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The Zoo Project - Benimussa Park, Ibiza 2014

Release your inner animal in this unique Zoo venue

The Zoo Project

Hosted throughout the season at Benimussa Park at Gala NightThe Zoo Project has been a firm and unique staple in the Ibiza clubbing scene for many years. This summer the wild and notorious event will open its gates on Wednesday 28th May 2014 for its venue opening party and then run every Saturday from 7th June to 27th September 2014. 

So, release your inner animal and get involved with the wild fancy dress theme and let your mane down to the sound of pure electronic underground tunes. As a day to evening party, The Zoo Project really embraces its theme in both the setting and its authentic additions, from a raving Seal pit, a tree-lined pool area where you'll find many great and many questionable interpretations of zebra's basking in the sun and there will also be an array of artistic performers, dancers and stalls that lay within the zoo's walls. 

Also look out for the Zoo Project's Noah's Ark Boat Party, running every Saturday from 7th June to 6th September 2014.



The Zoo Project Ibiza presents Gala Night Grand Opening Party
Wed 28 May 16:30 - 23:59
The Zoo Project
Sat 13 Sep 16:30 - 23:59

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