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Review: Dinner at La Oliva, Dalt Vila

La Oliva. Everyone looked envious when I said I was going and now I know why. Situated within Dalt Vila, this restaurants 25 year success is easily understood.

By Spotlight

La Oliva has an amazing reputation. When I confirmed my reservation and told friends where I was off to, the looks and comments of appreciation were quite something to witness.

Ibiza Spotlight La Oliva Dalt Vila Review

Situated within the grand old walls of Dalt Vila, the restaurant has been celebrated for more than 25 years, providing established clients and lucky tourists with a mouth-watering menu that is Provençal and Mediterranean influenced.
The surrounding area is very Ibicenco and quite lively, working well with the contrasting white cloths and ambience of La Oliva itself. As light fades, it assumes a quiet, jovial air, perfect for romantics celebrating each other and this lovely island.

Arriving, we sat outside in the warm May evening. My companion for the night was an interesting choice. He resents paying for food – one of lifes necessities – and certainly wasn’t a fan of dining out at the likes of La Oliva. If ever La Oliva were going to impress, tonight was the night!

Ibiza Spotlight La Oliva Dalt Vila Review

We started with Tuna Tartar and Duck Foie Gras respectively – although I had already enquired about the Alioli (traditional garlic mayonnaise) which was so creamy and tasty I was hoping to prise a secret from them (unsuccessfully, it transpires – I shall just have to book dinner again!)
By the end of the first course, my companion had decided he wanted to book a table for himself and girlfriend. I could wholly appreciate this enormous change of heart.

I chose the scallops and prawns for mains and my companion ordered steak, medium. Now, I cook scallops and quite pride myself on knowing the dish. As good as my own dish is, it didn’t hold a candle to La Olivas – it was perfection. No wonder this restaurant has survived so well across a quarter of a century.
My guests steak was of the same standard – and served just as he had ordered it – medium. 

At this point a family sat beside us. I asked them if they had stumbled on La Oliva by (lucky) chance. It transpired they visited Ibiza every year – had done for over a decade - and without fail, came to La Oliva for dinner.

Ibiza Spotlight La Oliva Dalt Vila Review

The service was also refreshingly brisk. The staff don’t look over you and although the restaurant ended up being fully booked as the evening progressed, this standard held true throughout.

Finally dessert. It was so nice that when the family beside me declined ordering one, I prompted them to order what I had had. The smiles that followed were worth it.

I chose a House Red to accompany dinner and whilst the wine selection wasn’t huge, it was obviously very well considered. 

Ibiza Spotlight La Oliva Dalt Vila Review

Looking at the menu, without drinks, you could enjoy three excellent courses easily for around 45 pp.

I shall be joining my friends in their looks of appreciation if anyone tells me they’re off to La Oliva for dinner. Truly super.

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