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LGBT Trans Travelling Tips: Location, Location...

Ibiza is undoubtedly a great destination for transgender travellers...but where does one begin if you are considering a maiden voyage?

By Spotlight

London-based transvestite Jade Buvez is a frequent visitor to the island and begins a new column where she will share her tips on everything from how to prepare,  how to look your best, where to go...and of course, what to pack!

If you’ve dreamt of dancing under the stars at the best parties in the world,  dining in beautiful beach-side restaurants, shopping with abandon.....sipping cocktails by the pool at sunset....dream no more.

Ibiza is, or can be, a Shangri-la for transgender travellers.  To mis-quote Lady Gaga, it doesn’t matter who you are, (trans-sexual, transvestite, tranny,  cross-dresser...definitions, definitions...)  because they made it perfect babe. Whether it’s a full lifestyle choice or you just have a passion for glamming it now and again,  Ibiza definitely sits in the “premier league” of destinations alongside (in my view) Vegas, Berlin, London and New York.  

Still hesitant of leaving the comfort of Milton Keynes?  Well here’s the basics:  the hotels, especially those with a party vibe, will welcome you with open arms.  The clubs (and clubbers) will welcome your unique style and glamour.  You can get around by foot in the two critical hubs of Ibiza Town and Playa d’en Bossa by foot with little probability of hassle.  Taxis take care of the inter-venue needs..unless of course you REALLY want to rent and drive.

See? Easy.  There’s some great late season deals and the temperatures get that bit more comfortable come September.

Choosing a base is the biggest decision, and of course budget will play a big part in that.  In truth any decent lodging is going to work, but staying in Bossa or Ibiza Town is going to put you right in the action (and hence comfort zone)for a first or second trip. Equally, a rural retreat may suit you if you don’t mind longer cab rides or car rental.  

There are plenty of gay-oriented establishments if that suits you best. But regardless of your sexual direction, there are simply some amazing places to stay in “the mainstream” so my advice is choose on merit.

What to look for?  Here are some personal choices and reasons why they work well.  I’d begin with the Ushuiaia Beach Club, the insanely popular “club-hotel” where you just check-in, the party comes to you.. Luciano,  Avicii, Swedish House Mafia...every day.  Staying “in the party” has all kinds of benefits – you don’t have to queue for the loo; you can do running repairs on make-up and hair in the room.. you can cool off and serve your own drinks...and you can effect multiple costume changes as the party evolves! (helping to justify taking all those outfits).  By the time you actually leave the hotel (the party ends at midnight) you’ll be totally immersed and confident in your environment. It’s time to eat, cab off to another mega-venue...or walk across the street to Space.  Downside?  It’s popularity and hefty price tag.

Another great choice is Es Vive, the original clubber’s hotel in Figueretas – slightly off centre but it has a lovely pool, great vibe, a new roof terrace  and wonderful staff..(ask Sarah for any guidance).  It attracts clubbers who are there for the true Ibiza vibe and the music, and that typically equates to “worldly”. .   The owner Jason Bull also runs the lovely Sands bar on Bossa beach, and is a ready source of  island advice be you a novice of veteran.  Cabbing or driving is essential though from this location.

For out–in-the-country glamour, Atzaro is simply another world. .  It’s off the track so means a bigger investment in taxis or car hire to get into the party meccas.  The contrast between the downtown and rural venues is dramatic.

You can ease into a night at can lie on a four poster daybed in shady solitude all day.  Invest in the spa. Dine like a rockstar. (there’s probably one at the next table)   But they also have wonderful laid-back parties on site, the fine and friendly restaurant bar Aura is just down the road and the explicitly polysexual Bambuddha Grove not much further. (How many restaurants in the world have a transgender icon in their logo?!)

So you’re in the room, you’re staring at the 65 outfits you packed..the ten kilos of makeup... (oh yes, don’t forget to buy the “excess luggage” charge in advance, you know you’ll need it)  –   and wondering what to do next.

Well, unless  you’re an “airport-to-club” girl already, you’ll want to read the next instalment!

Jade’s next instalment will explore how to look your best on the island, from dusk til dawn and beyond....with (or without) the help of some of the island’s fantastic make-up and hair teams.  She’ll also look at packing and outfit strategies for the Closing Party season.

All images supplied by Jade Buvez


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