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Ibiza Delivers (and indeed it does!)

Ibiza Delivers Is the personal shopping and delivery service for all your culinary needs - and a bit more besides.

By Spotlight

Ibiza Delivers is the membership only (sign-up is free) food and drinks delivery service on the island – and if that were all I was to say, I would be doing them the greatest disservice.

Ibiza Delivers Island Food and Drink Delivery service

Looking back, I would guess that my family were one of the first to use the service on the island. I can recall the first delivery we received – driven up our lousy camino, in the middle of absolutely nowhere. As the driver started to unpack our order I literally said aloud “Oh, I didn’t know you could get this quality of foods on the island?!”

Mountains of strawberries, gloriously tender steaks, fresh rich moist croissants, organic vegetables, gorgeous juices and endless bottles of water (and ok, maybe a little alcohol too, I confess.)
To and fro the driver went from van to house, unpacking everything and in the summer heat I was thrilled it wasn’t me!

Ibiza Delivers Island Food and Drink Delivery service

Be whether you live on a yacht or in a remote finca, Ibiza Delivers will get the delivery to you. Still, this only just touches upon their range of options.
Having a party and run out of alcohol halfway through? Call them up and they’ll deliver.
Forgot to send flowers to that special someone who helped you out last week? Call Ibiza Delivers and they’ll sort that out for you as well.
Fancy fresh sushi at home one evening? Ibiza Delivers has that covered, with delivery straight to your dining table from an island restaurant.

In the midst of this vast range of products and services, the little things haven’t been forgotten. If you order drinks, even as part of your household shopping, they arrive chilled and ready to be enjoyed – no need to shove them in the freezer for 30 minutes whilst you swelter.

Ibiza Delivers Island Food and Drink Delivery service

Depending on perspective (I’m an Ocado / Selfridges fan when in UK), delivery charges are reasonable. To have all your goods delivered in a refrigerated vehicle direct to your door, the charge is just 25€ - and honestly, not having to lug endless 6litre bottles of water from supermarket out to car, drive up camino and unload, 25€ instantly strikes me as great value. The quality of the food is truly exceptional and yes, you’ll pay for it too but honestly, if quality with a sizeable slice of luxury is your thing, you need to be creating your free membership with Ibiza Delivers, pronto!

My family have used Ibiza Delivers time and time again across the last two years and will no doubt continue to do so. That perhaps, says just as much as all the paragraphs above. They’re good and I think you should enjoy knowing that for yourselves!

Ibiza Delivers Island Food and Drink Delivery service

Can't resist? Can't blame you - find Ibiza Delivers here.


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