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Ibiza: A Dog's Tale

There were plenty of waggy tails about in Ibiza this week when Ibiza council officially announced that the city dog pound

By Spotlight

There were plenty of waggy tails about in Ibiza this week when Ibiza council officially announced that the city dog pound – the Animal Protection Centre – no longer had a euthanasia policy. In truth, it's merely a rubber stamp affair as no dog in the centre has been put to sleep since 2010.

These days, great strides are being made to help abandoned and mistreated animals thrown onto Ibiza's mean streets and the council also announced that they've made lots of improvements at the Sa Como (opposite the Hiper Centro on the main Ibiza – San Antonio road) centre.

All the dogs – there are now about 40 there – will have their own bed to lie on, there is now fresh well water on tap thanks to a new pumping system, and a large area of land has been cleared of building waste to allow an exercise area to be built.

volunteer dog walkers at sa coma, ibiza

Another change which is good news for the public is that volunteers are now being allowed to take the dogs for walks through the countryside nearby on an extra day a week. There are about 25/30 people who regularly turn up for some worthy exercise on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and from now on Thursday.

If you're on holiday and miss your dog like mad, why not consider taking one of the Sa Como contingent out? They'll love you forever. Have a look at Adoptano en Ibiza on Facebook for more details.

The Animal Protection Centre is also involved in educational initiatives, going into schools to stress how important the correct treatment of a dog is, and collaborating with centres for old or handicapped people where the presence of a dog can be therapeutic.

The work of the centre is also aided by other charities on the island, funded mainly by donations, who do a tremendous amount of work for animals in need. Ibiza Cuatro Patas organise adoption days around the island and we cannot fail to mention the work of DUO (Give us a Chance) who have worked tirelessly for many years and have found hundreds of dogs new, loving, forever homes both here and in Germany.

Here, to tug at your heartstrings are just two 0f the many dogs looking for homes

Azul, a two-year-old cross Pointer bitch abandoned by her owner in Sa Coma

azul, looking for a home

Kai, a one-year-old liver Dalmatian abandoned by his owner in DUO

kai, looking for a home

Give them a chance.


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