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Es Cubells, Ibiza

This tiny village offers two architectural highlights and stunning sea views


Es Cubells is a tiny, picturesque village located in the far southwest of the island, around 10 km from San José. The village is easily reached from both Ibiza Town (16 km) and the airport (13 km), but only a few holidaymakers find their way to this quiet corner of the island

It is made up of a small, pristine white church, a Carmelite convent, a local store, and several bars and restaurants. With few homes in the village itself, most of the inhabitants live in the large farmhouses and occasional villas scattered on its outskirts. Perched atop a high cliff, it offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean and the island of Formentera to the south.

Es Cubells' chief fame lies in the Carmelite monk, Francesc Palau, who - in the late 1800s - pushed for the construction of the church. He was equally well known for spending long periods of solitude on the islet es Vedrà - where it is recorded, he lived off seagull's eggs and fresh water from a cave deep in the rock's interior. The village is also home to the Centro de Espiritualidad Santa Teresa, a well-kept Carmelite centre where visitors in search of peace and tranquillity can stay. 

Though it is quite a hike, it is possible to reach the tiny coves beneath the village, including Platja des Cubells, Ses Boques and Cala Llentrisca, which is excellent for snorkelling

The beautiful surroundings invite long walks, either through flowering fields or into the forests in the hills along the coast, with the blue sea shimmering through the trees.

Local fiestas

The village of Es Cubells celebrates two patron saints: Santa Carmen and Santa Teresa. The Fiestas del Carmen - the patron saint of seafarers – are held during the second half of July. At this time, Es Cubells hosts a range of activities. Later in the year, in October, it stages the festivities of Santa Teresa.


Though there aren't any big hotels in the area, you can find some nice rural hotels and private holiday villas on the way to the nearby municipal capital, San José.

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