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Ibiza Well I Never

A few things about Ibiza you didn't know this morning

A few things about Ibiza you didn't know this morning and will have forgotten tonight, courtesy of La Caixa bank's economic study of Spain.
The population of Ibiza town has grown by 5,782 foreigners in the last six years whilst the Spanish population has increased by only 2,323.
There are more men than women on the island as most foreign immigration is by single men who work here and send money home to their families.
There are 56,528 telephones (over 20,000 in Ibiza town)
There are 107,349 vehicles on the roads – that's one per inhabitant and 20% more than 6 years ago.
There are 185 tractors, 402 buses and coaches, and 12,821 scooters etc.
There are over 100 bank branches in Ibiza. That's around one for every thousand people. The most are in Ibiza Town and Santa Eulalia has 26!

Spoil yourself at one of Ibiza's top restaurants

El Viejo Gallo Restaurant

El Viejo Gallo Restaurant

San Antonio Bay, Ibiza
Tanit Beach Ibiza

Tanit Beach Ibiza

Playa d'en Bossa, Ibiza
Sa Punta Restaurant

Sa Punta Restaurant

Talamanca, Ibiza