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Solomun: Emotional on the Dancefloor

Man of the year.

If we ran a Man of the Year Award, this guy would certainly win it. Between running his own successful label, running the label parties in Sankeys Ibiza, providing a BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, being Mixmag's DJ of the Year, winning Producer of the Year at the Pacha DJ Awards, and generally playing every other club and party on account of his popularity, Solomun still finds time to be genuinely one of the nicest guys around. There's a slight man crush going on here... I'm not the first, and I doubt I'll be the last.

I took 5 minutes to update myself on what Mladen Solomun thought about one of the best years in his career so far. You can catch him playing at Sankeys (Manchester, UK) on Friday 28th and Saturday 29th December. Call it a belated Christmas present from them to you.

You and your label have been around for a little while now, but 2012 was certainly one to remember for you. How does it feel? What were your highlights?

"First: Thank you to Ibiza spotlight - because you were supporting us this year very much."

You're welcome!

"I have to say looking back to 2012, everybody has a story to tell about his first summer kisses on a holiday. And this exactly is my feeling looking back at this summer. Hightlights were surely all our Diynamic Neon Nights parties at Sankeys... and no matter where else I played this year, it was pure fun and energy!"

You're relationship with Sankeys continues to grow… you've just added a second date to play in the UK on the 29th December, after the first gig the night before, right? What is it about working with the Sankeys guys that entices you so much?

"Yes that's right, I'll play two gigs in a row at the end of December. What I like about the Sankeys guys? They have a long underground club history, they know what's important, are really professional and they have the passion. We speak the same language."

We know on the back of all this success that you're going to be a man in demand for next year in Ibiza, will we see you back, and what are your thoughts about where to go?

"Of course you will see me next summer - on the beach, in restaurants, in bars maybe, drinking some colouful cocktails, maybe also on a boat trip to Formentera. And I really want to see the Hippie Market next year. And the rest will follow..."

You've a label full of artists in Diynamic Recordings, many we know already like HOSH and Stimming, but who should we be keeping an eye on for the future?

"Adriatique, man! Hunter/Game, man! Karmon, man! NTFO, man! And all the others of our team, man!"

You championed the sound of Ibiza 2012 with your mix of classic tracks and deep house, do you think after years of being bombarded with minimal and techno that the people were ready for some music that was a little more musical?

"People have emotions. So why not on a dancefloor?"

Xmas With Solomun Part 1
Friday 28th December
Sankeys, Manchester, UK.
- Solomun
- More TBC
£20 tickets available at
10.30pm – 5.30am

Xmas With Solomun Part 2
Saturday 29th December
Sankeys, Manchester, UK.
- Solomun
- More TBC
£20 tickets available at
10.30pm – 5.30am

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