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Top 5: Dance Music Videos You Should Have Seen

Martin GH looks back at some classic dance videos.

Rock has lead guitarists, showmanship and instrumentation. Hip-hop b-boys and MCs with swagger.

In contrast what does house, techno, breakbeat or dubstep have? There's talent in abundance, of course, but as so many TV appearances by acts that crossed over into mainstream dance have proven (time, and time again), there's not that much of a visual aspect to the performance.

OK, OK, watching the likes of Derrick Carter bound around the DJ booth like a man possessed by some four four spirit is nothing but entertaining. Similarly, the deft, all-reaching hands of electronica's most proficient live producers are things to be marvelled at. But outside the context of a full set, away from the huge speaker rigs and strobe lights, it's a different story.

But while the UK's legendary (and, in all honesty, sorely missed) TV chart show Top of the Pops might have suffered at the hands of the Moog troop, the world of music videos gained a lot. From the deeply disturbing to the staggeringly innovative, there are only so many angles to show fingers tapping drum pads from, but if you take the focus off the artist endless possibilities open up. As we're about to try and prove:

LCD Soundsystem; Losing My Edge
There's little better than disagreeing with yourself, so the first in our five is nothing more than one close up of James Murphy getting slapped in the face while he delivers his wittiest diatribe- scenesters beware.

Laurent Garnier; Man With The Red Face
Few techno anthems have warranted a video but Garnier's best-known track blew up so much there was no avoiding it. Cue the unexpected, AKA a pretty engaging excerpt from an Indian action movie. Nice.

Underworld; Cowgirl
Hyde & Co frequently felt the need to use lines and spots in their videos. Perhaps budgetary, definitely visually motivated, this is possibly the best of the bunch, but that could just be because the track is so good.

Detroit Grand Pubahs; Sandwiches
Forget Aphex Twin, this is the freakiest clip ever made, though with such filth it's hardly surprising. That Mr O and his band of misfit techno heads come wearing smiles only makes the mild lunacy more profound.

Squarepusher; Come On My Selector

Chris Cunningham is arguably the best music video director of all time, with this his finest hour. What's better than frantic breakbeats? Said snares set to a Japanese girl kicking the shit out of a security guard.

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