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Review: Ibiza Rocks presents The Streets

As if an evening with Mike Skinner, the man who literally speaks lyrical music, wasn’t enough, we, the crowd, were treated to an all-star lineup in the form of his live band.

Now, before I reveal who these people were, let me tell you that I was stood pretty close and I completely missed them all… but then it was quite smoky. It was left until the very end of the show for Mike to inform us that we had Liza Minelli on lead guitar (she'd clearly had some more surgery and looked fantastic… and like a man), Fredie Mercury on keyboard (I shouldn't have to remind you how that can't be right), Grace Jones on bass and vocals (no chance), David Guetta on the decks (presumably taking a break from systematically taking over the music industry and making a new best friend), and finally…. Carl Cox on drums (That actually makes sense. I like that image). Seems like the ultimate band to me…

Now, after that admittedly long-winded introduction to who may or may not have been on stage, the review can begin. First of all, Mike Skinner was a man who is clearly at ease on stage. Strolling around setting out his plans for evening; “I'm having a lucozade now, and I've got some little friends in my pocket for later'. I know there are several thousand people on the island at any one time who often begin what will lead to be an evening of joy and wonderment with a statement similar to this. This leads me to believe he is one of us, that is, a music fan, and someone that likes to have a laugh. Fantastic.

The set list was long and impressive, with old favourites such as “You're fit but my gosh don't you know it”, performed beautifully by Mr Skinner and co whilst enjoying the plethora of semi-naked ladies on the balconies that look out onto the pool/stage area of the Ibiza Rocks Hotel, and “Dry Your Eyes Mate”. It seemed that Mike was eager to start some kind of riot by inciting such disgraceful behaviour as throwing the room toilet rolls from the balconies down on to the stage. Shocking. But naturally we on the press balcony dually obliged. Raising the stakes further, he announced that anyone who could hit him on the head would win a bottle of champagne. However, try as we all might, nobody hit him, and so instead the bottle of champagne was awarded to the best balcony dancers (who coincidentally were the most naked too) and the guys up top with the laser pen (initially mistaken to be “snipers” by Mike).

Anywho, whilst Mike attempted to recreate an entire Ibiza Rocks Hotel room on stage with all the contents being launched from the balconies… “I need a Bible!” Mike exclaimed, the increasingly riotous crowd chowed down on some of Skinner's more recent tracks, including "Going Through Hell" from The Streets fifth and final studio album 'Computers and Blues'. These newer tracks went down really well, and while they may not have had the same reaction and ‘sing-along value' as some of their more well known tracks, they didn't detract from the atmosphere at all.

It's all personal opinion of course, but it is quite rare for me to go to a gig and genuinely love every track that is played. There is usually a track or two that I'm not that fussed on. But surprisingly whilst there are favourites, I really enjoyed them all. However, if I'm honest, I don't have any of his albums, I've heard a lot of his material, and although on ridiculously basic level the man is just ‘talking' about things he's done, experienced or thought about, the words do speak to me. I can relate to it. I mentioned it earlier in this piece; he's just one of us.

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