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Interview: Leon

We take five to catch up with techno DJ and producer Leon on his forthcoming album, remixes and of course Ibiza!

Your breakthrough from unknown producer to being a highly in demand artist happened quite quickly. How did your life change and what does your current schedule look like?

I have been a DJ for over 10 years, I had a long apprenticeship to get to
here, it has not been easy. I started producing four to five years ago and certainly because of my long experience I am able to make beautiful tracks. My life has changed a lot from the artistic point of view, now I play every weekend all over the world and I'm working with the best tech-house label! I am very happy. But personally I have not changed, I was always a "good boy" simple and humble, who still comes through! I hope to go on like this, to always be a good DJ, make beautiful tracks and continue to excite people.

How do you work as a producer? Is it a lengthy process or can you complete a track in a day?

Hehe..I must tell you a secret, maybe it's a gift, I do not know, but
sometimes I can make a track in one hour. The important thing is to have a clear idea in mind... and you're done!

We know you are currently working on a forthcoming album, could you share with us the inspiration and/or concept behind it?

Yes, I've decided to start work on the album because I would like to put out something different. Different styles not only for the dancefloor so it includes techno, ambient, chill, house and, of course, something that is closer to the electronics / pop... It will be very eclectic and there will be collaborations with friends and we are very excited about this. I hope to finish it soon!

Aside from the album what other production plans and releases do you have coming up for the rest of the year?

I have a remix out on Matt Tolfrey's label Leftroom very soon. I will do a
remix for a track on the new album of Santos and another remix on a new
German label RESULT REC with Christian Burkhardt.

You have a number of dates coming up at Space Ibiza on 29th July and 31st August. What kind of set can we expect to hear you play?

I have been coming to Ibiza since 2000 and Space is one of my
favourite clubs. It will be a great moment I hope :) I will try to understand what the people want, but it will be a sexy set. For the Terrace I'll play BOMBS with some techno CLASSICS!

Having DJ'ed in Italy for over 10 years now what do you think of the techno scene in Ibiza in comparison?

In Ibiza there is more freedom and culture of music and the club! In Italy there are very interesting clubs, but there is little culture to the music, for the DJ and also to the sound systems for example...everything is different in Ibiza, more transgressive. Ibiza never sleeps!

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