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'Immortal Changes' by Robert Babicz

Polish born, but now based in Cologne, Robert Babicz releases his second Artist album on Marc Romboy's Systematic Recordings.

Following from 'A Cheerful Temper', released in 2007, 'Immortal Changes' shows a warmer side to Babicz's production skills. Bringing in warm melodies, deep and deeper grooves, blissed atmospheres, live strings, live sax, analogue bass - sometimes jacking, but mostly tripping; his journey takes you wherever you choose to let your mind go.

'Immortal Changes' is about the only thing that never changes: everything will change throughout your life.

My idea behind the album was that I wanted a representation of my inner feelings, things that happened last year, and overall a very personal view on electronic music. Through all the traveling around the world as a Live Act, I meet great people, I see so many fantastic places, and so on. So my music reflects that a lot: I am building rooms, and sometimes galaxies, were your mind can go and look around, sit down, listen and enjoy...

... Also I asked some friends to play some real instruments on my album, as wanted an even more handmade and soulful sound. On most of the tracks there are real atmosphere recordings, which I recorded on my travels... So it's like a world tour when you listen to the album." - Robert Babicz

A track-by-track breakdown from Babicz:

Morning Kiss: "My intro and also the feeling when a beautiful day starts.

Tbilisi: "One of the most emotional gigs I've had in the last years been in Tbilisi. I was very impressed by the very crazy and warm people in the city. A very unique feeling is in this city in Georgia."

Dark Flower: "One of my biggest records so far, so I had to do a new version so I don't need to play the old one all the time. Also I wanted a different view on the theme. A fairytale about a dark flower..."

Merak: "This is about a feeling that I get in airports sometimes."

Chordy: "An industrial western city, warm and big, hi-tek."

Come Closer: "I always enjoy it when people let themselves go on the dancefloor; closing their eyes and just dancing... When you feel all the colors that going through your body."

Meet The Blue Elephant: "This song is a psychedelic view in the sky, text is about animals that are in the clouds having a tea party, talking about the other animals."

Tbilisi Reprise: "My idea was how I would sound 200 years ago, with just a string trio. So I rewrote the original with a friend so it could be played by real musicians.

It was very important that I just use a stereo microphone on the selling in the room, and the rest is just the real live... No overdubs or anything, just pure."

Astor: "A golden city called Astor, a mystical place full of elves and ghosts..."

Mind Looping Technology: "A soundtrack to explore your own mind, look around inside yourself..."

Out Of Order: "Coming back after a long night, it's still dark you drive down long roads... And party music slowly morphs to an alien funk band..."

Thank You For Traveling: "Trip is coming to a end... :-)"



1: Morning Kiss

2: Tbilisi

3: Dark Flower (Fever Mix)


5: Chordy

6: Come Closer

7: Meet The Blue Elephant

8: Tbilisi Reprise

9: Astor

10: Mind Looping Technology

11: OutofOrder

12: Thank you For Traveling

Robert Babicz

'Immortal Changes'


March 2010

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