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Joris Voorn: Exclusive Resident @ We Love Space

He came, he trilled, he twiddled knobs like you wouldn't believe and everyone, but everyone loved him. Joris Voorn returns to Ibiza 6 times in 2010.

What a year the man like Joris had in 2009. On top of arguably the greatest mix compilation of all time in the shape of Balance 014, he came away from a handful of dates in Ibiza last summer as one of the island's brightest hopes, after rocking Cocoon and We Love with his 'live' set that fairly destroyed the dancefloors of Amnesia and Space.

First news from We Love, who are usually one of the last to reveal their plans, is that Joris has 6, yes six count 'em, dates for their Sunday marathon fiesta, which works out as 1 every 2 or 3 weeks. Fantastic!!

If you haven't heard the Balance 014 compilation, buy it now, "painting with music" is how Mr Voorn described the mix and it really is a work of art.

See you on the floor!!

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