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Hot Release: Jacuzzi Boys - De La Casa EP

Straigh outta the hot tub for a duo who've been more than bubbling under for quite some time, this EP on Cécille Numbers is our February 'Hot Release'

Artist: Jacuzzi Boys

Title: De La Casa EP

Label: Cécille Numbers

1. De La Casa
2. Move On
3. Bicho Corderillo

+ bonus tracks on Beatport

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Stomping winter release here on Mannheim's finest label Cécille Numbers from the Frankfurt based Jacuzzi Boys, continuing where they left off in 2009, particularly the Cascabela track on Pascal FEOS' Level Non Zero imprint.

The title track De La Casa is a thumping house track with latin and jazz inspiration down to its foundations. The teasingly familiar instrumental riffs swell up till they are ready to burst in a crescendo smiley happy faces. Meanwhile, the darker, non-stop groove of Move On thuds into action with its jack hammer base and contains an almost unintelligble vocal that sounds like it was coming from the echoes of the basement. Finally, the high-octane, classic house beats of Bicho Corderillo fiercely zoom and shoom for 8 minutes, interspersed only by the entrancing tune of Arabian inspiration.

Spanish themed throughout, we can already see this one bringing 'La Casa' down by the time Miami Winter Music Conference comes around. Don't be surprised if you find yourself getting down to this amongst the silicone and steroids posse in Miami and we'll be no doubt getting used to this being a staple for Ibiza's imminent 2010 season. Viva House!

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