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Cream Ibiza 2010: Buy Your Tickets!!

The time has come, get your tickets for one of Ibiza's most enduring and legendary parties, including VIP access options.

You know how it works, check the calendar for when you're here, see the whopping almighty lineups on offer this year at Cream, then buy your tickets safe in the knowledge you're in!!

As always, the option to go VIP - providing access to the upper tier of Amnesia in both rooms of the club, which provide stunning views across the club and also a chance for a breather from the main floor - are available for each party. Just pick the VIP tickets option in the shop.

What with Mr.Mau5, Eric Prydz and PVD, as well as all the trance maestros back in force, Cream Ibiza 2010 is set to be the galatico of parties this summer in Ibiza.

Brand new photo of the Amnesia ice cannon in full effect!

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