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We Love...........techno?

Yes sorry, you've either been too busy reading Mixmag descriptions or you can't take off your blinkers. We Love is back for more techno masterclasses......

Let's get this straight, We Love has booking quality underground techno, for their Sunday shows, for a decade now. Sure for every Jeff Mills there has been a David Guetta, but there are not many places that get Detroit's finest and certainly not usually anywhere near where the Frenchman is playing. But then We Love is simply not 'usual'.

Techno Gods like Carl Craig and Derrick May alongside The Chemicals and Hot Chip, with Grace Jones thrown in as the type of curveball only Darren Hughes could come up with. Massive!

That's without even mentioning the hands-in-the-air Sunset Terrace shenanigans and alternative sounds of El Salon or the Premier Etage. Finally, Ryan O'Gorman brings his Burlington Project to the Caja Roja with Martin Buttrich, Jamie Jones, Clive Henry and Simon Baker as a sample of guests. Cool as funk!

Check the calendar for full breakdown of listings by area.

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