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We Love & Space Closing Review

It rained, it poured and we partied all day and night, as the island's community and the best part of 10,000 people say the first big goodbye to the 2009 season.

After date changes, line-up changes and the rainiest end to September in our collectively frazzled Ibiza memories.....what a joy it was to be finally back on the Parking Terrace during early Sunday afternoon.

Sure, the Ray Bans (anyone still wear them?) had to give way to bin bags, anoraks and the classic newspaper-over-ya-head protection, but other than for the superbores, it really didn't make any difference.

The Sunset Terrace was in fine form all day with Jason Bye, the rock upon which the Space Terrace vibe of old is founded, and Alfredo holding fort admirably. There was also a great live PA by Rebeka Brown. However, I have to say I didn't like Tom Novy and the direction matters took when he played but Rob Da Bank saved the day with a brilliant mixed bag of a set including a old skool rave anthems like On a Ragga Tip by SL2 and Chime by Orbital.

On the Terraza Nick Curly warmed matters up sweetly and was quickly followed by Smokin Jo to continue the vibe; but all the fun was to be had outside in the rain where it really didn't matter how wet everyone was getting and in fact, there developed a shared 'let's have it!!' spirit' amongst those that stayed.

The 'very Space' billing of Guy Gerber, Tiefschwarz, Wally Lopez and Steve Lawler were all on fine form and kept the damp masses pumping till the midnight close.

After midnight came, the choices were Terraza, Discoteca, Red Box and even the Sunset Terrace, which despite having the music turned down, still supported a hardcore 300 dancers keeping the terrace vibe alive!! After trying and failing to get into the Red Box to see Clive Henry - too busy!! - 10 seconds of Jeff Mills in the Discoteca was enough to keep me in there dancing for the best part of 2 hours. It was pure, Detroit power techno.....almost impossible not to dance to it!

Clive Henry

Elsewhere it was a case of 'take your pick' with Miss Kittin, 2ManyDJs or James Zabiela, amongst others, closing perfectly busy Terraza and Discoteca rooms.

Jeff Mills and Miss Kittin

It's been a good season for We Love, there have been some real highlights, like Grace Jones and Joris Voorn and the Red Box every week and the Detroit masters of techno. I even have to say that close your eyes and put your hands in the air high enough and snippets of Space Terrace of old could be found on the Sunset Terrace. In fact, I know there is a growing community of people who are going each week to the Sunset Terrace early around 6pm and just staying till midnight. Long may it continue!!

And long may the tradition that are Sundays at Space continue.....if 2009 is anything to go by, we've got nothing to worry about! :)

Here's a selection of what various other members of Spotlight community made of the day......


.......did Space closing yetserday. had a great time though only made it to about 2am as i'm just not hardcore enough! Spent nearly the whole time outdoors (despite the awful weather) and on the sunset terrace. Rob Da Bank's set on the terrace was amazing and the bouncer who caught me doing something naughty didnt kick me out...I was a lucky boy! The weather was so bad they were handing out disposable raincoats on was like a uk festival! Anyway, too tired to write more but it was a good one."


"Thought Sunday was amazing.. F*ck the rain! Headed in about 6ish & I thought the athmosphere in the outdoor stage was brillaint. Every1 was really going for it, sharing ponchos with 1 another. Wally Lopez was giving them out during his set aswell which made every1 stay out there & party. 10 out of 10 for the outdoor arena for me! Went a walk around the place to see what was happenin else where & everyone was seeming to be loving it! Went to see Chris Liebing & he was battering it out as usual, played poundin stuff early on in the night is wat i like to see (just wish it stayed that way lol). Thought Mr Steve Lawler was awesome aswell.. dropping tunes left right & centre. After the outdoor stage shut the place got really busy in some places. Overall i thought the closing party was great, the rain didnt get in my way at all!"

Lawler closes the Flight Club Arena (aka Parking Terrace)


"Had a good time at the Space Closing. Got there about 8pm and the whole place was pretty rammed. Have been to Space a couple of times before, but never seen it like this - every room packed. It was a bit of a mission to navigate around the club. Still, the atmosphere was pretty good on the dancefloors, i particularly liked the Flightclub Arena, high quality sound and the visuals were impressive! Didn't really stay in one place long enough to review the DJ's, except for Steve Lawler outside which was quality! Some nice, chunky epic tech house and the crowd were responding well. Favourite tune of the night (in fact the whole holiday) was a remix he played of 'Music Is The Answer' . Had a bit of a boogie in the Discoteca and heard Dubfire's Planet Terror mix of Grindhouse, which i've never heard out - not a bad system to hear it on first i'm sure you'll agree. BIG moment!"

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