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Clubbing Preview 2009 - Part 2

We pick up where Part 1 left off in Feb, with the latest goss and best (or is that worst?) rumour mongering the white isle has to offer; including this month: Cream news, Space rumours, Cocoon’s 6pm plans and the dc10 buzz that won't go away.

First off, a little exclusive and it’s some mouth watering news for the thousands of Cream lovers who flock here each year. No surprises that all the trance dons will be back in the form of Paul Van Dyk, Ferry Corsten, Sander Van Doorn and Eddie Halliwell, but the big news is that SASHA, on the back of monster terrace set in 2008, will be the headliner on the terrace for a handful of dates, along with the likes of Dave Spoon and Sebastien Leger, with hopefully a swede or 3 as well. We’ll let you work out who that might be?!

The big switch of the last month is Hed Kandi jumping the sinking ship of El Divino to join the growing fleet at Eden, squeezing into Saturdays between Wonderland and Judgement Sundays, no doubt both those parties delighted about this news! For El Divino, from whom the silence is now deafening, this is a crushing blow, especially given the constant tittle-tattle about their future existence or whether the club is even open anymore.

Elsewhere, Liverpool eclecticism in the form of Chibuku will grace Space (expect line-ups with a difference), we’re offering free guestlist to dc10 for anyone who spots Danny Tenglia near Space on a Thursday – possibly replaced by Groove Armada - and Monza stays at Privilege after making it more than halfway across the bridge to Amnesia.

Meanwhile, back with Amnesia and it seems increasingly probable that this Cocoon opening at 6pm malarkey is for real, with Sven Vath seemingly desperate to get the party started early with himself centre stage on the terrace. The only problem is that, for exactly the same reason this idea got shelved mid season 2008, our bestest amigos – let’s just call them “the authorities” – are quite likely to put their foot down in the name of the law and ‘Just Say No’. The thought of our favourite gurner Sven having it large during the afternoon does sound like lots of fun though.

Part of the Cocoon thinking, no doubt, is the gap left by dc10’s closure during 2009, which, with our myth busting cap on again, is sure to stay closed, despite people near the top of Circo Loco tree blowing out rumours that say otherwise. After everything that has happened, can you really see the Sant Josep Town Hall going soft on the party they love to hate?

chief hip swinger Lucien NicoletFinally, and linking to both Circo Loco and Cocoon, it now seems like the best place to see the man like LUCIANO will be Mondays at Amnesia, although that doesn’t include his likely gigs at El Ayoun, Blue Marlin, Underground, my living room, any bar ready to pay 100 euros in cash, etc, etc…!! The Pacha-Luciano link up may still happen at some point during the season, made easier by the fact he lives here with his family in the summer, but a couple of one-offs is about the most you can expect.

Anyway, the sun is shining, soooo many familiar faces are already back on the island and summer is peeping its head around the corner. Get booked up and we’ll see you soon boys and girls. :)

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