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Clubber's Review: We Love.....Opening - 15th June

In a new format this year, we'll be publishing some of your clubbing experiences from Ibiza 2009. Here S2H tells us all about We Love Space Opening Party on 14th June.

Party/Event: We Love..Sundays Opening 2009

Club: Space

Date: 14th June 2009

DJs (that I heard):
Sunset Terrace – Jonathan Ulysses, Jason Bye, Alfredo
Terraza – Danny Howells, Tiefschwarz, Steve Lawler, Paul Woolford
Discoteca – Joris Voorn, Carl Craig
Red Box - JPhlip
Premier Etage – Ian Blevins

Cost of entry: Old school style: i was given a flyer and used it to pay €40 on the door (with free drink & passout)

Cost of drinks: Bottled Beer €10, Spirit/Mixer €13

Transport: I walked to and from our apartment in PdB, so it cost nothing, although the 'young lady' who approached me on my walk home (alone), tried to change that.

Review: We arrived at Space around 6pm. Being on a stag do, with 3 Ibiza virgins, i wanted them to experience Space during the daytime session. With the stag dressed in a chemical suit/gas mask/white gloves raver-ensemble, it was a pleasant surprise for the door security to offer a friendly & jovial comment about "have you got a hood?" (he did, which he wore for large chunks of the night). With our wristbands on and a plan to have a passout/cheap drink at some point, we got stuck right in. The Sunset Terrace in full swing, we grabbed some beers & took up our usual spec: dancing on the steps near the bar, listening to Jonathan Ulysses playing his trademark style (i won't try and get all mixmag on you by pigeonholing it, it was house!).

I'm not sure why, but i was genuinely surprised that the Discoteca and New Terrace weren't open at this point. When i think back, i suppose they've always staggered the rooms opening times, maybe i'd got stuck in more than i should!? It made sense as it goes, numbers were just right for the Sunset Terrace, Premier Etage & Red Box, however the much talked about cr*dit-cr*nch looks to be taking its toll and it was noticably quiet for such a high profile opening party.

The trouble with being 30+/ a lightweight, is that planning your passout around the vast array of DJ talent on a Sunday @ Space, is NOT possible. From 8pm-4am i couldn't see a gap! JU got us warmed up nicely, as always, i don't think i've ever been to Space and him not be on! Then we had Jason Bye (8-10pm), who caught me peaking on yet another voddy redbull, dropping Lil Mo' Yin Yang's "Reach" and the H-Foundation mix of Silicone Soul "Chic-O-Laa". It's fair to say that from this point my memories of track names goes downhill fast!

Alfredo was next up (10-12) and I was looking forward to him massively, following an impressive set in El Salon last summer. I wasn't sure about moving him to such a big room, but he was ace, the standout track for our lot being Da Hools "Meet Her At The Love Parade", which as you can imagine had the dancefloor going beserk.... and was an excellent end to our "daytime clubbing".

As the 3 virgins walked back to the apartment, with a bottle of Jagermeister, the 2 of us left that could still stand up/talk, looked after the 1 that couldn't. Moving onto the New Terrace, Danny Howells had taken over from one of the newer residents, Alex Wolfenden. At this point i took my much needed passout, funds were running out, so a trip back to Bon Sol beckoned, for more €€€ and.....jager.

Back from my pitstop, The Terraza had filled up and Howells had them in the palm of his hand, he and Tiefschwarz (yep both of them, for once!) both smashed it with excellent sets, paving the way for Steve Lawler to do what he does best, tw*t out some main room bangers. His opening of Chuck Roberts "My House" (Jack had a groove apparently) was my cue to go see Carl Craig in the discoteca.... for a bit, i'm a sucker for that area immediately under the terraza booth, space to dance and at 6"4 i could see the DJs fine. Our stag was raving here most of the night and of course everyone wanted a picture with him.

I've never seen Carl Craig (pictured left) before and I'm not particularly into techno - unlike my mate Gaz who constantly has his hands up for Detroit - but Carl Craig was fcukin impressive. Intense, relentless and a packed discoteca totally locked into his groove, by this time (2-4am) i was flagging and didn't so much dance, as stare transfixed, leant against a pillar, watching the floor hang off every high hat....

Of course, as is the way at Space the day/night was littered with constant wanders to the smaller rooms (Ian Blevins was ace on premier etage), random chats with strangers on the roof and LOADS of indoors smoking. El Salon was dead everytime I ventured in, as was Red Box, though i should say JPhlip was playing some v. nice tunes, a shame there wasn't more people there to give it a bit of atmosphere for her.

I didn't catch any of Claude Von Stroke and only stuck around for the first bit of Woolys set (4.30-close), so sorry to anyone hoping for an indepth analysis of the latest 20:20/DirtyBird white labels. I think we can assume they played well, although to seriously dwindling numbers according to Gaz & the raver who stayed till 6.15 (when it was still cracking on)...... naughty, naughty Pepe.

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