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Water vending at Eden

A positive step forward for Eden and everyone who needs refreshment !

At a time when the price of drinks in Ibiza is a subject on everyone´s mind, Eden have taken the first step and offered an olive branch.

As everyone knows, it´s not cheap to buy a drink in any of the Ibiza clubs these days. Ok ... it can be staggeringly expensive when it comes to ordering a couple of vodka & redbulls or similar !

Yet while there is no sign of drink prices reducing any time soon, we would like to take our hats off to Eden for thinking about their customers away from the bar.

Knowing that not everyone can afford to drink inside all night, Eden have placed a water-vending machine outside the club. With the pass-out system that means customers can leave and return throughout the night, this allows clubbers to pop out for a breather and an affordable bottle of water to refresh themselves.

Here at Spotlight we think this is a really good move for Eden, and shows that they do actually care for their customers. We hope that the other clubs can take heed and pursue a similar policy.

Here´s hoping over the next few weeks, we´ll see the clubs handing out free Chupa-Chup lollies - which for us has become the ultimate clubbing accessory !

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