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Tiesto, Ibiza and The Electrik Playground

Every summer sees new faces in Ibiza - hopeful promoters looking to dip their toes in the Ibiza club scene.

And while many fall by the wayside, there are some parties that are destined for success.

2008 sees the Ibiza debut for Electrik Playground, the Leeds based night currently making some big noises back home. Not just any debut either, but hosting the Music Box at Privilege for Tiesto – set to be one of the biggest parties of the summer !

electrik playground

We caught up with residents and Galaxy FM hosts, Riley & Durrant, to see how they were feeling about the summer ahead ...

So ... could you have chosen a bigger club night to kick it off with ?

Riley: Not Really! We've always said if something's worth doing it's worth doing properly.

Durrant: Sometimes it's good to jump in at the deep end and go straight for the top. It's an amazing club to visit as a clubber, and although we've spent a lot of time at Manumission and Meganite in the past, we've never actually played at Privilege before so it's going to be great to be based there for the season.

Riley & DurrantWhat should we expect from Electrik Playground then ?

Durrant: We'll be bringing more of a deeper more funked-up sound to the Music Box, hopefully complimenting Tiestos full-on sets in the main room.

We're going to make the Electrik Playground somewhere to slip off to at 3am for a really wide range of electronic music - from the deep dark down and dirty to bleeps blips and basslines..

Riley: We've invited over some of the most exciting new DJs and producers for the season to, so expect sets from the Young Punx, Nick Bridges, Jon Gurd, Hauswerks, Kate Lawler, Jon Rundell, Prok & Fitch, and Filthy Rich alongside loads of other hand-picked Nu Breeders.

A night with Tiesto should mean a rampant full house at Privilege, which is something out of this world. How does it feel to part of an event like that ?

Durrant: Pretty exciting! We just can't wait for the first party on Monday 7 July.

Riley: Tiesto's always been a big supporter of us, and he's genuinely one of the sounded people in dance music, so we're really pleased he chose us to provide the sound of the Music Box.

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