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What the workers say... Part Two

Today, we continue to share the thoughts of the Ibiza workers

Ever committed to providing you with the latest from Ibiza, we're asking workers -

What is it you're looking forward to the most this season..?

DianaDiana - Plastik

"Definately looking forward to the Space opening party as it's become a big reunion for me and my friends over here.

But also, generally the magical atmosphere of the island itself."

Meghan - Highlander

"Looking forward to the season to properly start and going to all the big clubs, as it's my first season working in Ibiza. It's going to be an experience !"

Ibiza AdiyIbiza Adiy - Bar M

"Mainly looking forward to the Manumission opening party as it is just a great night but also DC10 and Space.

Plus thank god for Viva Bar at the top of the West End - workers love it!

Ibiza love - rave safe."

Kel - Club Rep

"Wow - too many cool things but top of my head, i'd say Bora Bora and Space, but i also love Cream and Manumission ! The biggest thing for me are the people as everyone is so nice and here for one thing - the music."

MeghanMeghan - Sofa King Good

"It all starts with Space opening on 3rd June - Deep Dish and Danny Tenaglia on the Space terrace.

Stood in same spot for 6 hours...brilliant !

Steve Lawler too ? LEGEND !!"

KristinKristin - Itaca

"I'm in Ibiza to dance - the music comes first and i can't wait for the clubs to open and the worlds greatest dj's to spin.

We're all waiting for the season to truly begin - you can feel it and once it happens, we'll all be better off."

So, what are you looking forward to most this summer ?

Watch this space for the next chapter, as we bring you the clubbers expectations for their trip to Ibiza this season...