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What they workers say...

They love all that is great about Ibiza - the sun, the music, the people and of course, they love to party !

We've been talking to lots of workers out here in Ibiza to get a flavour of what they were looking forward to the most during their time over here.

In the first part of a two part series, we've posted just a few of their comments...

Zeana - Plastik

"Space opening party because everyone goes there - i really love the atmosphere"

MarneyMarney - Bar M

"Sept 1st - Bar M - Ibiza Rocks and finally the Arctic Monkeys grace the shores of the white isle.

Get on your dancing shoes, you sexy little swines !"

Marco LocoMarcoLoco - DJ/Promoter/Producer

"It's all about Space opening, i always look forward to it the most for 2 reasons - it's the best party in the world and it kicks off the season officially !

Also looking forward to all my weekly appearances at Es Vive, Hush, Shipwrecked, Savannah and bring on the Manumission toilets !"

Steve Steve - Ship Inn

"I'm most looking forward to firstly Space, to see the planes flying over the terrace and everyone going wild.

Also, i'm looking forward to Subliminal Sessions opening party with the one and only Erick Morillo."

Brian - Looking for work !

"I love my music hard and fast, so i'm mostly looking forward to seeing Paul van Dyk at Cream and Eddie Halliwell at Judgement Sunday. I'll definately be checking out Sven Vath at Cocoon on Monday's too !

CarolineCaroline - La Vita, Promoter

"It's got to be Space opening as it's the one day of the year where everyone gets to have a good dancing session TOGETHER !!

It's all about the music baby!"

So a resounding thumbs up for Space so far - check out part two tomorrow for more of the same.