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Tiesto returns to Ibiza

So how did Tiesto fare when he brought his Elements of Life to Ibiza ?

After much hype and anticipation, Tiesto finally made his return to Ibiza last weekend, bringing his Elements of Life tour to our shores.

A busy Privilege enjoy a fine Tiesto concert

Tiesto – consistently in the top ranking two in the world – is no stranger to Ibiza, having been a Cream resident at Amnesia for several years. He has spent recent years touring all over the world, including the opening ceremony at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens – the first dj to ever do so.

However, Tiesto was back with a bang as he performed over two very special nights on Saturday and Monday at Privilege.

Tiesto at Privilege

Having done our research on the ‘Elements of Life’ tour – named after his latest album – we were expecting a full on trance affair featuring an impressive laser display and a dancefloor packed to the rafters.

But in reality, it was so much more than this.

Amazing visuals on show tonight

The visual set-up was amazing, with an eye-popping floor to ceiling screen showing high-resolution images and graphics.

The sheer scale of the display dwarfed Tiesto, who didn’t seem to care too much as he jumped around inside his custom built dj booth.

As the amazing laser show swept across the crowd, all eyes were on either Tiesto or his huge digital backdrop.

Tiesto at Privilege

But of course, this was also a night of music and Tiesto certainly nailed it tonight – playing a range of quality and uplifting tracks, including some live performances from his new album.

Not surprisingly, the theme for the show focuses on the Elements of Life (earth, wind, water and fire for the non-scientists amongst us), with each part having it’s own striking theme, all perfectly synchronised with the other aspects of the show.

Tiesto at Privilege

It’s difficult to think of a more suitable venue for an event like this than Privilege, as the 10,000 capacity club provides a huge stage to set up such a grand event, plus it’s size means that it can draw the full crowds it deserves.

And draw in the crowds it certainly did, with Privilege almost full and an electric atmosphere that hit you full on as you walked in.

Tiesto at Privilege

Despite being extremely busy, you could still find room to dance – or even bounce around with the rest of the crowd.

With tickets priced at 65 Euros on the door, it certainly wasn’t a cheap night, but for those wanting an amazing clubbing experience…it was priceless !

Tiesto at Privilege

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