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It all goes off at Space - our opening party review...

Weeks of anticipation and build-up precede the opening of Space; it is the biggest event of the Ibiza party calendar and Sunday 3 June was no exception.

Making an early start to get a true flavour of the day, we made the short trip from a brief, yet lively visit to Bora Bora to see what was going down at Space.

And from as early as 2pm, you could feel the excitement in the air – the pounding music and cheering crowd – making the drawback of queuing a faint reminder of the delights inside.

space billboard

Once inside, the smiles of anticipation grew into wide, enthusiastic grins – we were at Space and we were ready !

Making our way to the Flight Club Area (the car park), we discovered that it was already going off. And how ! It’s hard not to get carried away describing the atmosphere outside but there is something magical about partying under the sun to amazing music, surrounded by like-minded party people.

space car park

With a staggering 47 dj’s playing over 6 areas for 22 hours - and no cloning facilities on site – it was a case ofx hand-picking who you wanted to see and where.

Top of our list was Space legend and Tuesday night resident Carl Cox, who joined the fray after an electric 4 hr warm up by Villeneuve and DJ Oliver. And as ever, he didn’t disappoint !

space stage

Carl Cox was at his mercurial best - playing a trademark set which brought the crowd to its knees. It’s clear how much this man loves Space – and how much he is loved in return.

Another Space legend, Steve Lawler, followed but struggled to maintain the edge – no reflection on him but more of a credit to Carl Cox. Or maybe it was down to Jo Mills, and then Deep Dish going for it in the new Terrace – again to a bustling dancefloor.

space terrace

Throughout the day, all of the dance areas were packed as scores of clubbers roamed around Space, trying to take in as many dj’s as they could – no mean feat considering the bill.

It was busy and yes, it was expensive. But it was the Space opening party and we wouldn’t miss it for the world.

What next for our fellow Space fans ? A little known party on Sundays known as We Love

We love space logo

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