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Miss Moneypenny's returns in a fashionable frame of mind

Miss Moneypenny's are back in town for another season of hot antics, but this time around they've brought a new friend with them.

Over the years, it’s become a match made in club heaven – the glam of Miss Moneypenny’s fitting perfectly with the stylish surroundings of El Divino in Ibiza Town.

And tonight it all kicks off again, with the Fashion TV & Miss Moneypenny’s opening party setting up the beginning of a few hedonistic Friday nights at El Divino.

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But, as the title suggests, not is all as it seems this year – there is a new player in town – in the shape of Fashion TV.

fashion tv logoThe FTV team are not new to hosting events and hold fashion parties at some of most exclusive clubs across the world, which are then broadcast on Fashion TV.

What will they bring to the Moneypenny’s experience ? Well, we’re not entirely sure yet but it will undoubtedly involve beautiful people and a film crew.

And who knows, if you come along looking suitably dapper then you may well feature in one of the FTV shows - much cooler than a blurry picture from your camera-phone.

And for Moneypenny’s – surely the coolest thing to come out of Birmingham since Ozzy Osbourne – well, these guys have been here before and can certainly be trusted to put on a classic party to suit the quality house tunes being played out.

Not relying on big name dj’s as much as some other club nights but offering a range of well-known dj’s mixed with up-and-coming artists ready for their big shot.

jim shaft ryanArtists for the summer include the boss himself, Jim ‘Shaft’ Ryan (left), Hoxton Whores, K-Klass and the Freemasons – as well as weekly guests all looking to join in the Moneypenny’s frenzy !

El Divino this year is a haven for the good-looking and libertine clubbing crowd, with Milk’n’2 Sugars, Hed Kandi and Kissdafunk also on board for the season.

Make sure you pack your best clubbing gear – mustn’t look too shabby now !

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