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Spanish police get tough on drugs

After the recent controversy over the closures of Amnesia, DC10 and Bora Bora (for failing to manage drug dealing or consumption in house), the spotlight in Ibiza is definitely on the darker side of clubbing.

It seems that the Spanish police (la Guardia Civil) have now stepped up a gear in the fight on drug dealing and are increasing their presence on the island significantly – including a huge recruitment programme.

This is a result of a political campaign to clean up Ibiza and the image the island has across the world.

drugsOf course, Ibiza has been the top destination for clubbers worldwide for some time now and inevitably, in such an industry, drug consumption is present.

This would be the same in any other country and as such there have been certain allowances, within reason, for clubbers to continue without worry.

However, these times are changing.

Regular stop-checks are being made everywhere - you can be searched whilst drinking at a pre-club bar, in a taxi on route to a club, whilst queuing to get into a club or even walking down the street in the early evening.

The police are watching you – be it under plain clothes or in full uniform.

drugs are badThe focus seems to be on drug dealers, rather than users, but there is a fine line over what is deemed for personal use and what can be classed as for dealing.

Whilst polite and civil most of the time, it doesn’t take much for la Guardia Civil (who dress in all green) to turn from gracious to hostile. If you are stopped or questioned, then our advice would be to act calm and non-aggressive, even if provoked.

Quite simply – if you choose to indulge in drug taking whilst in Ibiza then discretion is paramount. It’s just not worth the risk of a large fine, jail time or an early flight home.

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Ibiza Spotlight can in no way condone any sort of drug use. We do ask that you please be careful in Ibiza.

Members of our forums have posted some excellent advice in the following post:

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