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Dave Pearce feeds the Gatecrasher kids

It’s one of the most popular nights in San Antonio and when we took a trip to Gatecrasher this week we were reminded why.

Dave Pearce – host of Dance Anthems on Radio One – has been holding parties in Ibiza long enough now to know exactly what is needed to bring out the San Antonio clubbers.

So when we rolled up to Gatecrasher at Eden on Tuesday 24 July, we knew what clubbing chaos was ahead of us.

Gatecrasher logo

Not quite as heaving as Judgement Sunday – led by fellow Radio 1 stalwart Judge Jules – but still providing the same roaring trance soundtrack, a night at ‘Crasher is always a special event for Ibiza newbies and veterans alike – with some banging trance mixed with new and old club anthems.

And also a few glow sticks thrown in for good measure of course !

Podium dancing at Eden

All this makes for a fun and super charged night out that, after chatting to many happy clubbers as they left, always seems to hit the spot.

Ibiza resident, Alex Ellenger, got things started this Tuesday – warming the place up nicely for the real star of the show – Dave Pearce.

Dave Pearce leads the wayPearce – always seen wearing a typical baseball cap – has a huge following which virtually guarantees a busy night out.

And for all those on holiday in Ibiza, a night out here is always a little more special.

So the stage was set for a busy dancefloor, full of waving hands, flashing glow sticks and hot, dancing bodies !

Agnelli & Nelson followed Pearce on the decks, continuing to drum out the trance classics – which were lapped up for the whole evening.

Eden fills up for Gatecrasher

Ibiza Residents are the hosts for the Funky Room on the Tuesdays at Eden, where you can find a quality house alternative to the rather banging trance of the main room.

Drawing upon the dj skills of various Ibiza residents, we always find the back room of Eden a pleasant break from madness of the main room – much like Judgement Sundays.

However, with Dave Pearce performing every week and a top line-up over the summer, Gatecrasher will continue to draw in the ‘crasher kids for a night to remember.

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