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Carl Cox opens up to a full house

It's pure techno heaven at Space as Carl Cox and Friends bring the house down on Tuesday.

carl cox bannerThe long awaited return of Carl Cox was on everyone’s lips this week, so with high expectations we made our way to Space on Tuesday 17 July to check it out.

This is an evening that starts nice and early at 8pm for those looking for an early start, and a chance to enjoy some clubbing in the sunset terrace.

Of course, the main draw is the big man himself, Carl Cox, and on Tuesdays here he doesn’t disappoint, playing two sets during the course of the evening.

Tonight at 11pm he took to the dj booth in the sunset terrace to a rapturous applause and it was clear how excited he was to be back at Space. His only other set this season has been at the Space opening party, when he was on fine form.

carl cox clubbers

If you miss Cox in the sunset terrace, don’t worry – as he returns to the decks for his main set at 3am inside ‘la discoteca’.

However, one word of advice to all Carl Cox fans wanting to catch him at this time…get inside early, find your dancing space and guard it well because it gets busy. Very busy.

two happy clubbers

But like most top events it gets busy for a reason, and tonight it was the grand opening party and those who know Carl Cox at Space know that they can expect some quality driving techno, with one of the best dj line-ups possible.

Carl Cox was everywhere tonight – when not playing his own sets, he’d be hanging around watching his fellow dj’s perform, or introducing debut artists to the crowd.

Fedde le Grand was one such dj that received a warm welcome by a packed dancefloor, as Cox eagerly introduced him on his first-ever Space appearance.

party in the terrace

Well known for the mammoth crossover hit ‘Put your hands up for Detroit’, Fedde is a regular visitor to Ibiza this summer, with sets for Milk’n’2 Sugars at El Divino and Azuli at Space also booked over the summer.

Clearly up to the challenge, Fedde proceeded to thrash out an excellent, bouncy techno set which had the terrace breaking out in cheers. A great debut set from one of the scenes rising stars.

party time at the carl cox terrace

No matter where you were dancing tonight, the atmosphere was stirring and Carl Cox and friends went home, as did 1,000’s of clubbers, having had a techno blast.

Coming up for Carl Cox at Space next week are Danny Tenaglia, Yousef, Elio Riso and the Angels of Love Dj’s.

Check out the full summer listings here.

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