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Take off with Azuli this Friday at Space

It’s a joining together of club and promoter to excite most clubbers – the quality house music of Azuli rocking the dancefloor of Space, one of the best clubs in the world.

After gracing El Divino for two successful years, Azuli, led by David Piccioni, felt it was time to take the brand to the next level.

azuli at space banner

So, starting this Friday 6 July, Space is the new destination for the leading UK label – and what a summer Azuli have lined up to celebrate !

Leading artists - including Slam, X-Press 2, Sebastien Leger, Switch, Âme and Fedde Le Grand - are all set to make this one of the top summer parties.

party at azuli

Those who went during the El Divino days will know that Azuli proudly stands for a great clubbing experience, full of great tunes and attitude-free party people.

A move to Space can only mean one thing – an even better party filled with more new and exciting music !

We briefly spoke to the man of the moment, Fedde Le Grand, who will be with Azuli at Space on 17 August.

fedde le grandSpotlight - "'Put your hands up for Detroit' put you firmly on the international map. Did the huge success of the track take you by surprise ?"

Fedde - "It did surprise me for sure. Because of the simple fact that it is not a song but a club record, so i never expected it to cross over !"

Spotlight - "We're expecting great things from Azuli this summer. What are you looking forward to the most out of your Ibiza appearances this year ?"

Fedde - "I never try to expect too much because then it will never live up to your expectations, but i am really looking forward to the gigs in Ibiza because i think its really special to have so many people coming for the same thing and having the same interest - HOUSE MUSIC ! I expect it to be crazy this summer !"

Spotlight - "Your first artist album is due for release later this year. What are your influences for the album and have you enjoyed putting it together ?"

Fedde - "I'm influenced by a lot of things but I think I’m trying to cross over between styles and an album gives you the opportunity to make tracks that do not have to be house music, which is fun to do."

The Azuli opening party will see Slam, John Dahlback, David Piccioni and Jo Mills set the stage for one event in the Ibiza party calendar not to be missed.

azuli at space this friday

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