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San An pre-club bar guide

Where to go to liquor up before the clubs? Spotlight reports for drinking duty.

Where to go to liquor up before the clubs? Spotlight reports for drinking duty.

Kanya Beach

Kanya Beach 2006 (photo:Dan Gines)Fully revamped and updated for 2006, Kanya Beach is now one of the best looking bars in San Antonio. Open from midday to 4am, Kanya Beach offer poolside day parties, pre-club parties (including the giant Cream and Judgment Sunday nights) and special club events into the early hours. Kanya Beach’s superb outdoor terrace and air-conditioned interior create a truly magical atmosphere, ideal for the perfect pre-party.


 Coastline 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)

Situated on the Sunset Cove, where the sunset is often at its best, Coastline offers a combination of good food, lovely views and is a popular pre-party destination amongst clubbers, hosting the popular Hed Kandi night amongst others. Situated alongside Sunsea Bar and Kanya Beach, Coastline is a spacious venue which, also like its neighbours, provides a great atmosphere for late night pre-club partying.

Sunsea Bar

Sunsea 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)Sunsea Bar, situated between Kanya Beach and Coastline on the Sunset Cove, really is a beautiful and large venue. Popular during the day too, Sunsea Bar adds a certain class to the area.

Café Del Mar

Cafe del Mar 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)Arguably the most famous name to come out of Ibiza due to its renowned chill out cd compilations, Café Del Mar needs little introduction. Located on the Sunset Strip, Café Del Mar offers a very laid-back atmosphere set within luxurious surroundings to watch the sunset or just chill. Typically visited by more Spanish than English. Worth a visit simply for the experience.

Café Mambo

Mambo 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)

Home to the Pacha pre-parties, Café Mambo has become a popular sunset location for many clubbers, who congregate en-masse to watch some of the top djs in the world play for free. Serving up food throughout the day, whilst supplying decent music and a lovely view, Café Mambo is worthy of its reputation as a leading pre-party venue.


Savannah 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)One of the most popular locations to watch the beautiful sunset, Savannah is situated along the Sunset Strip and really is an impressive venue to eat or relax. Either watch the sunset on the terrace, with live saxophone playing alongside the resident dj, or head on into the Funky Lounge where late night parties are held into the early hours.


Hush only opened its doors in the summer of 2005 and has already become the top late night hot spot in the West End of San Antonio. Good management, friendly bar staff and an excellent music policy combine well with the open and well decorated environment. Popular with the Ibiza workers, Hush is often busy right through to 6am each night.

Hush 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)


Plastik 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)Plastik's new approach to late night partying has helped change the image of the West End. Several new bars have since popped up in the area providing a similar policy, however Plastik has stayed at the top with its blend of chic décor, incredibly sexy staff and of course great music.

Bar M

Electric City @ Bar M - July 2006Bar M is one of the most popular pre-club venues in San Antonio, conveniently located along the promenade and situated in-between Itaca and The Orange Corner. Home to various pre-club parties, including the Ibiza Rocks series.

It's also a great place to visit for a drink before heading to the island's clubs. Great venue, sexy dancers and a charming upstairs bar combine to create an all round positive vibe.

The Orange Corner

Orange Corner 2006 (photo: Dan Gines)If you’re looking for a fun and friendly place to spend your time, either sitting down to have a bite to eat or getting up to dance to some funky beats, then the Orange Corner should be on your ‘to do’ list. Located along the promenade, next door to Bar M, the Orange Corner holds regular daytime parties along with pre-club parties and special events.