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Judgement Sunday confirms for Eden in 2007

So where is the former law student and Radio 1 dj Judge Jules at in September 2006? And what will be happening in 2007?

This season Julius O'Riordan’s Judgement Sundays has been rocking Eden in San Antonio every single week since June 11. No mean feat you'll agree, as he pitches his wares against Space's We Love Sundays, El Divino's Milk and Two Sugars (popularly known as "builder's tea") and, occasionally, Sander Kleinenberg at Pacha. He again 'ahem' breaks ground in San An with the likes of Krafty Kuts (below) and the Plump DJs, and brings back favourites like Lisa Lashes.

Krafty Kuts (left) and Judge Jules (middle) @ Eden - 2006

Krafty Kuts (left) and Judge Jules (middle) @ Eden - 2006

So where is the former law student at in September 2006? And, as we near the culmination of this year's hedonistic frenzy, we ask, ladies and gentleman of the jury, what will be happening in 2007?

Last year we found we found Jules 'dissing' actress Minnie Driver and defending the dispensation of summary justice to someone who insulted his wife. This year he has the most to say about the rebirth of San Antonio.

Spotlight: Are you still answering every email you get sent personally? Last year you said there was one or two fans looking for relationship advice.

Jules: Yes, I'm still doing that. Most of them are still looking for DJing advice but there’s still the odd one that drifts onto personal matters.

Judgement Sunday @ Eden - 2006

Judgement Sunday @ Eden - 2006

Spotlight: How’s this season gone?

Jules: Exceptionally well. This is the busiest season we’ve had in five years.

Spotlight: You've continued the breaks in the back room from last year. Has that been a sucess?

Jules: Definitely. We've been fortunate that people have been very receptive to new things for the island. The back room has been a hit with the workers out here and they really do spread the message. Our brand is strong enough in itself that we can introduce new talent to a crowd who are coming to us because they believe in what we do. We've done that from day one. When you consider that we gave the likes of Tiesto and Armin Van Buuren their first gigs on the island, it gives you a flavour for the influence we have on what's to come. That's what we're doing with the breaks and some other new talent.

Spotlight: Is the ink dry on Judgement Sundays at Eden Ibiza 2007 contract?

Jules: We have an excellent relationship with the club and the depth of involvement means that by nature it there’s long-term commitment from both sides. I can't really go in detail yet but we're heavily involved in planning the redesign of certain elements of the club. So yes, we'll be there.

Spotlight: The planned promenade round to by Kasbah starts in October. What are your opinions on the regeneration of San Antonio?

Jules: San An's better than ever. I've passed on my interest in Kasbah, but the promenade is just part of the wider improvements being made. The improvements made in the streets around the centre plus the fact that most hotels, well at least those three star or above, now have air conditioning, are huge steps towards making San An a great destination for modern tourism. If there ever was a real problem with San An it was the standard of some of the accomodation and that isn't the case anymore. Add to that the fact that San An has some really great restaurants and I think the place has massive advantages over other Mediterranean resorts. The island as a whole has a bohemian feel that's sometimes ignored by the media while they concentrate on one or two streets in the West End.

Spotlight: If you had one night to take a lady you wanted to impress to a restaurant in San An, where would you go?

Jules: If I could only choose one - Sa Capella, without a doubt. It's a 16th century monastery that looks amazing and the food is off the radar.

Spotlight: The closing party is on 17th September. Anything special planned?

Jules: Every Sunday is special to us. We put 100 per cent into every party. We have a real fiesta feel, with over 30 dancers, live performers and huge drapes giving the club a totally different feel. The last one is of the same quality, just longer.

- Judgement Sunday's closing party is this weekend! Alex Ellenger, Vicky Devine, Judge Jules, Lisa Lashes, Trophy Twins, Barry, Matt Hardwick and Shan are all on the bill. Pre-party at Bar M.

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