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Guarana de Santa Eulalia

"Refreshing the vibe" for 10 years.

Google Earth recently upgraded its previously fuzzy satellite map of Ibiza with a fancy new high res version. Below is a screen grab of the resort Santa Eulalia del Rio.

Santa Eulalia

Santa Eulalia as seen by Google Earth

So far the search engine wizards haven't developed a thermo-sensor for party action but if they do then the music bar Guarana would surely glow red hot. Especially in comparison to its surrounds in the slightly sleepy resort town of Santa Eulalia. Mananger and main man Alex Picazo says there were no major bars Guarana was conceived of more than a decade ago.

"It's kind of a family business. I do it with my mum. We thought there was like a gap in the market."

Alex @ Guarana, from www.guaranaibiza.comThat gap has been successfully exploited and 2006 is their tenth in operation. Guarana's summer opening is scheduled for May 21 (scrioll down for line up). In the winter the 300-odd capacity venue has also proved a consistent draw, especially on Sundays where you are likely to meet scenesters who have been slapping it all weekend, local residents, workers from bars and restaurants on the neighbouring waterfront and live music fans, drawn by the billing which includes Alex (above) himself.

"I also play guitar, I play with djs, that's my favourite. You have to play for a few minutes like making a highlight then be quiet for a while then play again. Many people that play with the djs don't know when to stop. Me I used to dj so I know when there's a new song. I djed in Guarana and in a few bars and little clubs. I had a bar when Kiss was an afterhours, I had a party in there many years ago and I was djing also there a couple of times.

Norberto Rodriquez @ Guarana

Norberto Rodriquez @ Guarana - May 2006

"I get the bands on Sunday because I get to know musicians and one musician knows many others and then you get to know most of the bands in Ibiza and then some of the bigger muscians here they are also playing with bigger bands outside like around Europe so then I book them.

"Some of the bands that I book they come from Berlin, Madrid, and there is another guy coming from Paris, Amar Sundy who played with B.B. King, Albert Collins."

Guarana - May 2006

Guarana - May 2006

When it comes to his residents the Valencia-born but Ibiza-bred 29-year-old says mixing is not the most important thing.

"For me what really matters is the quality of the music. I want vocal house, vocal garage, I want electro I want a bit of everything. In the bar is good to refresh the vibe with many different styles. I cannot really have one dj that plays only one sound. It's better up and down, left, right - everywhere. Jose Maria Ramon is a very jazzy dj. He djs for Global Radio, all the daytime kind of sounds up until 7 o'clock like 'Melodias Para Tu Sofa'. He plays between the bands on Sundays and this summer we want him to play in the warming up hours like from 8 till maybe 1 o'clock." Also on the roster is Graham Sahara, Colin Peters and the versatile Swede Tomas Hedberg.

When asked what kind of people come to Guarana Alex suggests a visit to their site, to check out their gallery.

"We have everybody, everyone, all sorts. All ages, all nationalities, everybody is there. We have a young crowd and a more mature crowd that listens to all the jazz on Sundays. We can really reach big market. The magic of Ibiza is that older people don't feel ashamed to be going out. You see them in Pacha, you see them in Amnesia, you them in Guarana, you see them everywhere. Older and younger all together and to me this is what makes it more special."

Spotlight: How has Ibiza changed in the time you've been here?

Alex: "I think the spirit is the same. There's a lot more people living. Maybe when we came probably there were 50,000 residents and now there is 120,000 I think. I'm originally from San Antonio, this is my neighborhood. That blonde chick that just passed now, Eva, I bought some t-shirts in her shop when I was a teenager."


Sunday May 21 - Summer Opening


J. M. Ramon (dj)


Rafa Pelety (live), Norbert Rodriguez (live), Nestor (live)


Los Reyes del K.O. (live)


Tomas Hedberg (dj)

pirate shipFriday June 9 - Los Piratas - the Adventure


Joe Who? and friends take a 45 metre yacht (left), a Funktion 1 soundsystem (like what they have in Space), djs, drink and 150 of their kind of people off for a sunset cruise, starting at 2pm.

They promise a full 8 hours of sun-baked fun.

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